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Looking For: Housing [Sublet], May 1st


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[posting this for a friend, he's a very cool guy, extremely nice, and would make a great roomate]

  • looking for a decent sublet. $250 per month. may 1 to end of aug.
  • utilities included preferred.
  • downtown, within the annex would be very sweet
  • willing to move into a house with others

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that's not much cash, but i'm pretty sure he could get something at new college residence at u of t for somewhere around 250-300.


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250 a month... in Toronto? Your freind is dreaming, unless he wants to rent someone's closet or something.


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My friend has raised "target range" significantly, so if anyone is holding back due to his original low-ball offer, he's offering much more now. :)

He just really wants to move downtown ...


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my friend is still looking, hoping to pay around $350 / month for a sublet in someone's house

if interested contact jacobaj@mcmaster.ca

i think he's working in toronto this summer and needs a place closer than his current home [brantford, ont]
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Miss Michie

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ok well it's a little pricey compared to $250


i'm sublet my place (well assigning it) from april 1 or may 1 - sept 30th

if you want details lemme know

it's 795 /mnth