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looking for good script tattoo artist anywhere in ontario


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I want to get a half sleeve of writing done.
I have recently come into a fair amount of cash and I want another memorial tattoo.

Money is no object and location is no object.
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My half sleeve is a partially a memorial tattoo as well(my last name in graffiti). I lost my father to Cancer..and same thing, I came into some inheritance and got some work done. I think memorial tattoos are very special.

There are so many great places in the Tdot.

I know there is a guy named Wes at New Tribe on Queen St. that does awesome script work. My friend got Mind covering one entire forearm and Body covering the other. He has my fav tattoos of all my friends.

Or do a search on tribe for tattoo shops.

Good luck.


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there have been a few threads recently on this... do a search under my user name for tattoo

i started on a couple of months back that had some WICKED links for some localish guys


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I got this sleeve done, but forgot why.

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