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looking for events July 23rd to 31st


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Hey kids,

I will be visiting in & around Nanaimo from July 23rd to 31st. I will have access to a car.

Any listings for a decent places to check out (dancing, eating, or otherwise) would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Here's the visitors guid to Vancouver I typed for the general forum:
me said:
Wreck Beach gets my recomendations too.

If you're feeling active and fit try the grouse grind, if you're not just take the gondola up. Cypress mountain has some great trails for hiking if the weather clears up (warms up) a bit, not to mention a couple of look-outs on the road up that are amazing.

Commercial Drive is funky, if the Green room was going to move to vancouver it would be found on the drive.

Gas Town = distillery district with tourist traps. (edit:still worth seeing)

China town is definatly worth seeing. I think the night market might be on now and I've heard it's good.

4th ave around Yew st. was "settled" by hippies years ago and is now the site of the original lulu lemon. The rest of the area conforms to this norm.

Broadway west of McDonald is nice but under construction.

Coal Harbour has some really nice looking restaurants, likely pricy and I don't know what the food quality is.

Davie St., Robson, Denman, and Granville are streets in down town that are worth cruising. (and make a convenient square to walk around).

Main + Hastings is ground zero for the "social service disaster" that is the west coast. It's creepy, smelly, unsightly, and disturbing BUT I haven't heard of anyone ever haveing any problems with personal safety (not that it doesn't happen). Having said this don't expect a bag left in a car to last an hour. The "comunity" stretches along Hastings a few blocks and spills over a bit into gas / china town. Expect to see people all over the city who are more cracked out then in To. and have no problem doing any drugs on the street.

oh, and Granville Island gets two thumbs up. Sandbar is a personal favorite place to eat (great sea food) but get reservations. I'd pass on "Bridges", don't be tricked by the yellow paint, remeber in nature yellow means danger.
I don't know the island well but I hear nothing but good things about Tofino.


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Oh, also on the food side of things "Monks" has good sea food and "Zin" the restaurant at the Pacific Palisades is nice.

Villa Del Lupo looks really nice and up scale if you want to spluge (869 Hamilton), the owner also runs a cafe across from the Hyat called Cafe Del Lupo.


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atbell said:
Here's the visitors guid to Vancouver I typed for the general forum:

I don't know the island well but I hear nothing but good things about Tofino.
hehehe I heard the same good things, and am going camping in Tofino for a few days! <3

thanks so much for the recommendations! I am going to visit my old mentor/boss, who is in her 60's and is all worried that she doesn't know where the "hip kids" hang out.


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The Island:
Nanaimo= dumpsville.
There isnt really anywhere good to go out.
quick ferry trip to gabriola which is cool.
Food: ACME food co is my favorite place in town.
Coombs isnt far north of nanaimo and the market there has goats on the roof and lots of random cool stuff. the bakery there is amazing. Englishman river falls is near there as well.
In parksville there is the best mini golf course ever. and a nice beach called rathtrever (south end of town)

Victoria is lots of fun,
good shopping, clubs, etc.
Baggins is great for shoes there tonnes of little indie boutiques IE flight 167 where you can see what local fashion designers are producing. Whitebird is pretty much my one stop shop as it sells wonderful clothes, records and has a licenced lounge with great food.
Best Food
Hernandez (mexican)
My Thai
Vista 18
Lady Marmalade (Best Breakfast)

Victoria is full of coffee snobs since there are lots of great coffee spots in town.
Cafe Fantastico is my fav. the roast in house and only get in high quality beans.
Solstice is a good spot more hippy than hipster
Habit is entertaining I think more people go there just to see what the hipsters are all wearing and into but its a good place, rotating art from local artists, and they make good coffee.

if you need any more info just post.

Happy travels

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Come to Vancouver!

Bin941 on Davie is good.

Sanafir is fabulous tapas. Don't go upstairs though. It's a $500 minimum and it's the same food but you get to lay on a nice bed while eating it.

Tojo's - expensive but fuck try the Tojo and tetake tuna and Tojo rolls at least.

Raga and Sitar for great indian.

Check out the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park, and of course check out Stanley Park and English Bay.

If you can get up to North Van you should do the Grouse Grind.

Robson is a tourist shopping district, kind of like Queen West mixed with Bloor - max Azria, Armani, etc

West 4th west of Burrard is a nice shopping area in Kits.
Definitely check out Gastown - there's a great little Japanese fusion restaurant called Guu you should check out and then a few doors down is a nice cheap with big portions sushi restaurant called Momo.

Hope that helps!



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thank you all for your suggestions. I'm really looking forward to checking out some sushi places out there. OOOOOOH! And I get to take a sea plane back to Vancouver to catch my flight home! SO PUMPED!


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if you're in Victoria on the 27th, Wood and I will be having our island CD release party.

But yea, there's really nothing to do in Nanimo... Vic is nice, a trip to Vancouver would be worth it too...


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dj_soo said:
if you're in Victoria on the 27th, Wood and I will be having our island CD release party.
this is good to hear! grabbed your most recent mix posted here and listened to it on the way up to soundwave. was looking forward to catching you, but missed both yours and the wood n soo set, so am happy to hear you two will be in town this month :D