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Looking for Culinary Arts Student or equivalent


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Posh restaurant, one of my employers, is looking for two things:

1. Head chef (team of 2). Has to have some experience, dedicated to culinary arts and wants to learn on the job. He is not looking for an Executive Chef as he is more keen on hiring someone young to team up with someone else to learn the ropes and to eventually run the kitchen.

Because George Brown's program is done, this poses a challenge to me to find someone. This is full-time, $12 - $15/hour and it's downtown.

- enthusiastic
- committed to a career in food
- familiar with food processes, prep work
- detail-oriented
- willing to learn
- able to work under pressure
- willing to stay after summer

2. Dishwasher/Prep Cook
Again, this is a full-time summer gig at the same place. And again, the employer is looking for someone to be willing to learn the ropes. He wants gung-ho people who can eventually transfer their skills. He is into mentoring younger workers and wants this person to eventually be able to take on somewhat of an operations position (supervision, opening/closing)
His current dishwasher is being moved to a server as we speak!
$8/hour with growth opportunities
- enthusiastic
- professional
- dedicated
- interested in food/culinary arts
- some experience in a restaurant environment
- willing to be kept on part-time after summer


If interested, please email me at fsunny AT st-stephens-etc.org with a Name/phone #, a resume and note which position you are interested in.
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If anyone has a friend even who you think would be capable to handle operations, please let me know.

Seriously, this guy will hire you on the spot as long as you're comfortable taking on a more supervisory role and being left alone in the day to handle the orders.
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that's not low..

but you will be responsible for a lot more than prepping. it's really not a prep possition.. he wants someone to run things.

the boss is really nice.. all the staff is


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run things for $8 an hour? Sorry not thread crapping just curious as to the going rate downtown, as I'm looking for a job down there.


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Aphrodite said:
that's not low..

but you will be responsible for a lot more than prepping

Like Unique said, I'm not thread crapping either but I would have considered $12-15 low 10 years ago when I hit "chef burn-out" and got out of kitchens :eek: ...but this job sounds more like a great professional opportunity (so pay is immaterial)


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Ya, it's more about the learning aspect. And having this under your belt.
I have students working for free in kitchens just at the prospect of working with top chefs.. So this is a bit of a blessing in disguise.

The youth we sent there really likes it and says it's a really great environment for him to experiment. He seems happy.

Anyway, they are still hiring but someone with no skills.. A dishwasher that wants to learn the ropes in the kitchen.