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Looking for Club/Bar Bouncers


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3 not-so-crazy clubs/bars are hiring through me.

Relatively safe and not one of the big shabam clubs where you would have to deal with drunky types. But obviously you'd be risking your safety to be a bouncer.

- checking IDs
- searches
- maintaining the order of the event

One is in Richmond Hill so access to a car is an asset.

Two other locations are in the downtown area.

$10/hour. Some weeknights, Weekends. Will train.

If interested, email me @ fsunny AT ststephenshouse.com



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No big clubs.

But this employer takes care of a lot of places so I think once you're hired, he sends you around to other places. One of his clubs for sure is in the District.

The two downtown ones he is hiring for are NOT known for any kind of violence.


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sorry Mofo but if your employer wants guys in clubs in the downtown core he's gotta come up better then 50 bucks a night...

no club that I can think of in the district pays 50 for the doorstaff...and I've had offers for clubs in the steeles - jane vaughn area for 2 times that

don't mean to crap your thread I know you are a social worker of sorts but I'm just opinionating on personal knowledge


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Well, actually, most of our security companies are paying $10.
Many of the big companies area also paying $10 and up.
Even the waterfront is $10 full-time.

We had a great job fair yesterday. 20 people showed up. A few maybe's. And my employer hired 4 people on the spot (and I got hooked up with discount Lacoste! haha).

I agree, it's low. But it's not that bad for a few shifts a week to make some extra cash.

Plus, like I said the 3 clubs are not big clubs. We're not talking about uber clubs but lounges/pubs.
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Greg, please email or call me ASAP so I can book you in.

Next Monday, starting at 2:30.

Email me if interested. fsunny AT ststephenshouse.com

PS: I should hold interviews here for security guys more often. Yowza.


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i used to watch doormen at the joker in toronto let people jump the line for 10-15 bucks a head, and then pocket the cash either to be split later with all the other bouncers, or kept for himself. I would say in a night, he would probably pocket 250 cash under the table just by bumping people up the line.

but i do agree, 10/hr, when the club is probably pulling off 10,000 an hour is pretty lame, especially these days with gun violence, EVEN in a non agressive club, you never know


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New contract!


Which means new club, new hires..

Today's interviews went well. I love this employer.

And $10/hour is good for someone with no experience. This guy is hiring and training. I don't see the problem. It's a summer gig and like I said, it's not at a place like Joker. One location is a lounge. The other is a corporate pub.
And the new one is going to be higher in pay.


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Sunny, I already got into a fight on the weekend... I LOVE this job.

Good to hear my clients are being challenged at the workplace.