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looking for camera and picture developing help!


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hello! my sister got an old, manual SLR style camera for her birthday and didn't learn to use it properly before going on holidays wit it and taking 4 rolls of pictures.

needless to say, she took the rolls in and was informed that because she didn't push some release button all of the holes in the film got shredded and some cannot be developed in the machine.

so shes got a couple rolls that are developed but not printed and a couple that need to be done manually. where do we go to get this done? we asked black's and some other places but no one really had a suggestion other than the art school but i don't know anyone in calgary at that. any of you guys out there have any suggestions or able to help?


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Would you consider mailing the films to Vancouver? I am sure there will be professional labs in Calgary but can only suggest some here in Vancouver. The films will have to be hand developed (drum and reel) and I can’t see it being to complex even with torn edges.. C41 is the standard development process in the labs and is inevitably cheaper then traditional hand deving so be warned the price will be greater. Check out focal point rentals or Abbot and Tincome on the internet. (Both here in Vancouver). Failing this just contact a Hobbyist photographic workshop in Calgary and I am sure they will assist you. Good luck.