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looking for an groovy *atmospheric* club


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Yeah yeah, I hate words like *intelligent* and *atmospheric* too but sometimes you just have to throw musical generalisations about in order to get a message across.

So, anyone think they could reccommend a decent club where I might be able to soak up some sweeter, deeper beats? I'm new to this (and Toronto, actually) and tragically uneducated when it comes to names and who's dj'ing where at what venue. I guess Bukem is a name that comes to mind (cliche? sorry)... you know, not too mellow, not to much *shoo-bee-doo I love you... ooo baby baby* vocals, but not too sinister either, and certainly groovy enough to occasionally give you a tingle and a rush up the spine and encourage some sweating on the dance floor. This easter weekend would be good... I need to impress a young lady ;)

thx guys!
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the SLXN nights @ the gallery that Theory is doing once a month would probably be right up your alley

brian g played the april gig, chase and status (uk) are next, and some other tasty names coming too

locals aren't bad either and i'm not just saying that cuz i'm one of them



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there really needs to be an exclusive monthly for more atmospheric dnb stuff...somewhere really chill and loungy with a deep system..

atleast for the summer.



jocelyn dee

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My night at Sutra (612 Collegst St @ Manning) on Fridays is dub/liquid funk/soulful dnb.

But Sutra is a pretty small lounge (with a nice back patio though) so I'm not sure if that is what you want.

You should stop by and check it out - no cover :)
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what ever happened to sex in the city at gypsy co-op? is it still running every thursdays? haven't gone in over a year...