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looking for a voice over artist


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I am looking for 3 male candidates who would be interested in recording a 360 page audio book, you must be fluent in reading
and be able to provide emotions throughout the whole book ,just like you would tell a story,this is a paying project for about 2 weeks 4-5 hour recording sessions,everyday

if you would like to setup an appointement so we can do an audition on your voice please e-mail me pk1@rogers.com

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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If you want a pro, PM Dr.Trance (he's on this board, you can probably find him with a
), he does many voiceovers. (For TSN, YTV, Kibbles n' Bits... ect)


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Dr trance i would say has more of a radio voice.. would his voice sound right in a audio book w/ emotions?