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looking for a very cheap digital camera


TRIBE Member
I need a digital camera to take pictures for a website...very small images, but hundreds of them.

Im looking to pay less than $100.

I just learned that to fix my camera that is now worth $300 ($500 when I bought it) is going to cost $300 to fix it. 2 years old. Makes me wanna cry.

Anyhow, if anyone has a crap-ass camera lying around that they never use...I can put it to use.

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Don't you just love that? My 300$ cell phone needs a $200 repair after 18 months.. therefore I am buying a new one.. when my CONTRACT is done! UGH!!!

Check out some PAWN shops. That's where I got my first one.. most likely WON'T come with software, but if you have adobe or xp it should download from cameras.