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looking for a software

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by swarmtoes, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. swarmtoes

    swarmtoes New Member

    Our organization mainly works on websites, blogs, articles, and newsletters. Last year, we had an issue about system integration and editing but good thing we’re able to patch things out.

    However, my boss still asked me look for a document management to help us control and manage our task in order. Just want to know if you have worked in areas like publishing company or any related department?

    Hope to hear some advice. TY
  2. Shaelyn Sawyer

    Shaelyn Sawyer New Member

    Document management system basically allows you to store and keep track of electronic documents. Knowing how to make the transition from paper to digital documents can be difficult there’s no better way to get things off the ground than to implement a well-designed document management system.
  3. swarmtoes

    swarmtoes New Member

    Yeah, you are right. The reason why I posted a thread here is to get some suggestions from you. Anyway, I figured it out- I typed document management on google search and I found this link Document Control Software Systems for Compliance - EtQ. i just hope I am on the right track. Thanks for your help!

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