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Looking for a Personal Trainer?

Sean Collier

TRIBE Promoter
For anyone looking for a personal trainer, look no further. With a high level of certification, I bring nine years of Personal Training experience. I specialize in physique transformation.

I have some availabilities in my schedule and would like to take on outside clients to train either at my private studio or at my fitness club which is The Fitness Institute located at Wellington/Bay atop the TD tower. You can check out the website: http://www.thefitnessinstitute.ca and the personal training page: http://www.thefitnessinstitute.ca/service_trainers.html

For anyone that is interested, I will do a 1 hour complimentary session here at the club.

I ask for serious inquiries only, as it is a bit of an investment, for anyone to achieve their desired goals.

Please email me: sean58[@]telus.net
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