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Looking for a Parking Spot (Queen/Bathurst area)


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I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get relatively cheap parking spot in the Queen/Bathurst area w/24 hour access.

I would need it starting May 1st.

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200 bucks! rip off

if spadina isn't too far, when going west on queen, go past spadina, turn north on the first street, there is a sign for the apartments that they rent spots, i think it was 60 or 80when i called last year.


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yah my bro rents there (on Cameron St. - under the white Chinatown Mall) I can't recall exactly but it's around $150/mo or less. That's pretty good for downtown, seriously.
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just saw some "parking space(s) for rent" sign just north of queen on a side street just off bathurst recently. i believe it might be listed on viewit.ca ??



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lucky1 said:
buy a street permit.. its way chaper

too bad you have to live on the street.. and thety aren't so easy to get down in that area.. i used to live on queen.. only place we could get was monthly permits for the green p lots.. but there was a waiting list even for that.


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P.S. I may be moving to the area.. and if I get the place i'm trying to get... I will have a parking spot and might be willing to rent it.. depending on a few thigns of course.. won't know untill the end of the week though.