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Looking for a good sound module thinking of the roland xv-2020

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Just looking for a good over all sound module, specifically for basslines and atmospheric sounds I suppose. I wanna buy one used for a couple hundred.


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the XV / JV series of synths are really the "swiss army knives" of the synth world. They can do pretty much anything you'd hope for to an acceptable degree, and some of it even rather well! You'll likely find that sound that you were looking for somewhere in the banks of the XV.

The ability to add on additional sound cards, USB support, etc. makes it a versatile tool in any studio. If you're looking for tons of bang for buck, the XV series is a good place to start for tried / true and reliable. My XP50 keyboard is getting long in the tooth (although Circe still uses it a lot), but still, after 10 years, has a wealth of sounds that could be used in myriad of projects. In fact, so much so that I wouldn't look anywhere else for a replacement except the newer models. And a module instead of a keyboard.
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DeepSix said:
My XP 50 keyboard is getting long in the tooth (although Circe still uses it a lot)

True Dat Sen dog; I'm gettin' a bit long in the tooth myself...the Roland JV1080 is still a cornerstone unit found in just about every studio...the XP 50 is even more flexible IMHO; all of the features and soundsets of the 1080 but with a built in keyboard and floppy drive (for saving modified patches, drum sequences, or even better - loading up any Roland compatible patch)