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Looking for a Dreamcast or PS2

Booty Bits

TRIBE Member
hey, i'm a stupid estrogen head and therefore know nothing about game consoles.

i am considering buying either a sega dreamcast or a PS2 and i dont know where to go.

can you PLEASE point me in the right direction?

and if you have one to sell, or know someone who is selling one (although i dont know why they would) could you please let me know?

Dr. Grinch

TRIBE Member
Fleabay for a Dreamcast or a Pawn Shop
(They're not making it anymore so getting one brand new is difficult, and also it's only worth buying if you have access to pirated games as the originals are hard to find brand new as well)

PS2 you can sometimes get deals on Ebay as well, thoguh if you want one brand new, all stores are the same price.