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looking for 70s rock drum samples

why not

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i want some kits of mid-seventies sounding drums, but i'm not sure where to look. never really bought sample CDs before, but if there are some good ones please recommend them.

i'm thinking T-Rex/Bowie kind of sounds - dry, kind of muffled, that low dusty snare.

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why not

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cosmosuave said:
Don't know of any... Why not just lift some from some records of that era...

i may end up doing that, but it's hard to find breaks where it's just drums in order to isolate them.
i also know a drummer who has a vintage kit, but i'm not confident that the studio where it's set up can record the sounds the way i want.


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Long drum solos are a strong staple of 70's rock n' roll sound.

I would suggest you try rock bands who succeeded the 60's earthy psychedelic hippie rock sound like Rush (fly by night & 2112 ), Pink floyd (probably the best of them all more experimental psychedelic rock but they really have some of the most superb drum solos ever, try Echoes, dark side of the moon ), led Zeppelin, Roxy Music, Black Sabbath, Genesis, and maybe even The Doors.
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