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Looking for 3rd roommate for February 1st at Yonge/Summerhill


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So here's the scoop:

My friend and I are looking to find a 3rd roommate to add a new dynamic to our place in the Yonge/Summerhill area for February 1st, 2004.

If you're looking for an amazing place in a wikkid location, then please read on. This 3 bedroom (upper 2 floors of townhome) place has an open concept kitchen and living room, your own small bedroom with your own bathroom with shower, and your own deck! You'd also be living in one of the best, modern, and safest areas in Toronto at Yonge/Summerhill, and it's only steps away from the subway. We both take the subway, so being close to it was a priority for us....so when I say close, I'm talking about 3-4 minute walk maximum. Price is right at $700 plus utilities.

Other perks include:

-if you have a car, you'd have your own parking spot because we don't have a car!
-close to grocery store, LCBO, subway, convenience store, and other shops
-wireless network set-up with cable internet
-2 cats - one shy and the other very sociable
-townhome is on dead-end street, so there's no through-way traffic
-neighbours include professionals such as ABC correspondents and landlord is a Commercial director that flies frequenly between New York and Toronto
-beautiful tree in the backyard, for scenic summertime pleasure :)
-yes, we are open & happily indulge in that which is 'green'
-we are both social smokers...but we keep smoking outdoors only except when we have parties ~which won't be a problem if you smoke cuz u have you're own deck!

Who are we?

We're both creative professionals (27 & 26 years old) that run our own computer companies from home (web development & internet marketing/starting to make music) that have partied since the days of Phryl & Next Junction. We both love electronic music, technology, and partying (albeit, we have slowed down lately).

Who are we looking for?

We're looking for a professional or grad-student that is open-minded & friendly, parties from time-to-time, financially stable, respectful & shares our values, and adds an intangible & interesting element to our place.

If you're interested, e-mail me at:



Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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change in location

sooo, after all that, we decided to change locations....so here's the new info ::

We're still looking for a 3rd roommate...still moving on feb 1st, 2004, and still looking for a place in the downtown area...

I'll let you know when we've nailed down a place...but either way, the place we choose will be smokin' awesome...as we have high standards...looked at 15 properties so far....gonna check out some more until we find a great place...

if anyone's looking to move out for feb 1st...let me know @: