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look.... it's Arthur... oh and shamus too...


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I gave Arthur 25 minutes of video footage of him and Adam playing at an old We Don't Suck...tell him to put it online, I don't have it anymore!


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Originally posted by vveerrgg
hey tell him yourself....... yer fingers weren't broken enough to reply. :D

what format was it in?
I'm pretty sure you talk to him more often than I see him -- in person or online :p

I don't even remember...mpeg or avi??
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Originally posted by Humanjava
I once never changed my clothes for a week just because I could.
in highschool. my friend Bryce and I went two weeks. i broke down and changed first. he won.

also had a "who can eat ONLY junior bacon cheeseburgers for every meal" contest. I won. 8 days.

video's are cool guys..thanks for tossing them up Verg
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