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Longshot Question


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Originally posted by atomic
I'm looking at a 600E

does that help?


Here's my query...

I have no idea how to enlarge the view on the monitor. I can't find the keys to enlarge the size. It's not my pc & the owner has no idea. FYI, I just installed Win98 on it. It previously had Win95 & the screen was full size.


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are you seeing the desktop surrounded by thick black borders on all sides? so the image isn't going full screen on the lcd screen?

If so, it could be the screen resolution. Check your display settings (start>settings>control panel>display) and try different resolutions; the higher the better.

I've found that some thinkpads have "best" resolutions like 1024x768, or the newer ones that are 1400xsomething. when set to that it should fill the screen.

I think it has something to do with the lcd technology only working best for certain resolutions. when you set it to other resolutions you get either a pixel-doubled look (which is shite) or a small box, which I think you might have. Incedentally, when you plug an external monitor or projector into the back of it the notebook, the shite resolutions are outputted fine. that's why I think it's the lcd display only liking certain resolutions.

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hmm, I guess the only thing I can think of then is to hit the advanced button in your display settings, and check the adapter and monitor tabs. there's change buttons in them where you can change drivers. maybe you have some installed and can hopefully change the resolution through there. if not, you might need to check IBM's website for that model number of thinkpad and see if there are any downloadable display drivers.

good luck!


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If its stuck on 640 x 480 you need to install drivers (see the website) for your video card or get a new video card. They're pretty cheap, not sure about laptops though.

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the same problem happened to me when i did a fresh install. windows can search online for drivers when you go into display settings.