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Long & McQuade Sale


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Did anyone else get up there?
We got there at 8:00, the sale didn't start until 9:30 and we were 188th in line. We still managed to do alright though. Old Vestax rackmount Cd Decks for 200. Decent Yorkville monitors (non-powered) for 99 each and a Behringer Dx500 mixer for 150.

The big sellers were a Korg Wavestation for 300 and an Alpha Juno for 250 but they went first thing.

There was still decent stuff left over when we left. An MC303 for 100 bucks and some electribes for 200 each.

Plus they had these discount mic's for like 20 bucks a pop.

Anyone else go?

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I would have been therte at &am in line ,FUCKKKK!!!!!!!!! i always miss out on the good shit. Why were they getting rid of everything? or was it backstock or something?Floormodels?


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They mailed out flyers a couple of weeks ahead of time.
We got there at 8:00 but there were people there that had been there since the Wednesday camping out (the sale was on friday). It was intense. The first two people we saw walk out had the Wavestation and the Juno.

If you are in their ossington store and you look on that funny little table that looks like a junkpile, you'll get an idea of what was there. They clear rental stuff and stuff that just wont sell as well as floor models. The had some software too but nothing spectacular.

We really wanted monitors, which is why we went, the mixer and the cd decks were just added bonuses.


p.s. they'll have another one next year in february. But i think there might be one in september too.