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London Kids - Who Wants A Job?


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I have a temp job available starting may 13th for 6 weeks. $14/hr

Basically this job is working for a publishing company that specializes in school text books. This position would be calling schools and settign up appointments with Professors/teachers (there will be a list of names in a database) We need someone who is definitely persistent to get a decision maker. They would be working from home - must have a car because they may be asked to go out with sales people to set up at shows/appointments. Should have some sales experience. Must be responsible - someone we can count on. Will have to have a computer at home.

Interested? email me your resume at nvasquez@quantum.ca
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that sounds like my kinda job! i did something similar to that last year...

now if only i lived in london....
damn why does an hour have to be so far...

good luck finding someone! i'm sure they'll do fabulous!

narissa :)


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Originally posted by Libradragon
....and someone's unemployed.
Yea but considering I've only been looking for a job for one day and I already have 2 interviews tomorrow ... I'd say I'm doing pretty good



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Yeah I am done school and I need a job. Looking for something that goes for 4-5 weeks starting ASAP. Preferably something in the financial industry.

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