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London’s new mayor has a bold plan to save the city’s club scene


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London’s new mayor has a bold plan to save the city’s club scene
9 May 2016

It’s not just Sydney and Brisbane where club scenes are struggling: in the UK, the number of clubs across the country has dropped from 3,144 in 2005 down to 1,733 last year.
And Britain’s largest bastion of culture is not immune – while London’s late night scene and musical exports may still be legendary, it looks like people are doing less and less of their partying in clubs and more in their living rooms, at festivals and at warehouse parties.

In recent years, London has lost a third of its small music venues, including iconic clubs like Plastic People, Cable and Dance Tunnel. Even Fabric was very nearly shut down after a string of drug incidents. But it looks like the city’s string of bad luck is about to change.

The brand new Mayor of London Sadiq Khan was sworn in yesterday, and he has some very sensible ideas about how to stop the slow decline of London’s nightlife. Speaking with Dazed about how to save the city’s club scene, Khan said he plans to appoint a Night Mayor, as pioneered in Amsterdam, to represent nightlife culture and business at London’s council meetings.
He’ll also put the cost of soundproofing onto new housing developers, to keep small independent bars and clubs from going under when new apartment are built nearby, and he plans to make it more difficult for developers to shut down and build over heritage venues and important cultural sites.

“I don’t want young and creative Londoners abandoning our city to head to Amsterdam, to Berlin, to Prague where clubs are supported and allowed to flourish,” Khan told Dazed. “I want them to be able to celebrate what they love in the city that they love, rather than punish them or force their activities underground or abroad.”

Oi London, reckon Sydney and Brisbane can borrow Sadiq Khan as mayor when you’re done with him?

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