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LOL @ Apartment want-ads these days!

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Discovered Craigslist last year and they always have some really odd posts in there .

Follow some of the treads where they post pictures - I thought TRIBERS posted a lot ...

Nudist eh - Sounds like a fun house
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wait so this dude, i'm assuming it's a dude, is trying to get a hooker to pay him for sex?
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i always post my 'roomie wanted' ads on craigslist as it is cheap and effective, like wildcat strong beer.
but you do see men trolling for unique living situations asking for girls to 'keep their bed warm' in exchange for rent.

i always wonder if they get a single response from these ads.
and i always wish that some enterprising girl agrees to the situation and then steals each and every material possession of the boy before any fluids are exchanged.

serves ya right, slutty.


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Haha I found out last year that there's a lot of apparently broke men hoping some horny, hot and desperate woman will want to fuck them in exchange for reduced rent. Clearly the rent should be FREE. :p