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Logitech MX500 mouse only 14.99 @ FS


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just thought i'd let you guys know, you can pick up this sweet mouse for only 15 bucks at future shop because of a flyer misprint. regular price is 60 bucks!

here are the details:

Logitech MX510 Mouse
This red or blue mouse is incorrectly advertised on pg. 18 of our January 14th flyer for $14.99 after a $10 savings. It is actually $49.99 after a $10 savings. Customers may purchase Logitech MX500 (10021133) which is the identical product in silver-and-black at the advertised price of $14.99. No rainchecks. One per customer."



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ehy steve-
can i buy this on-line, or do i have to go into a fs store?

also, how long is this fuck-up valid until?