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Logical Progression...

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Logical Progression

We're back at it again...Live from the twelveinch studios, inside the Electric orange, Another tasty edition of Logical progression....

Yummy new choons to drop from Humate, Umek and David Gausa.....

So check the link, twelveinch.com
Live Tonight from 6-8pm, or look for the archive the very next day....

Upcoming Schedule

March 12th Jay McCourt, Lexicon and suprise guest...(back 2 back 2 back)
March 19th Jay McCourt, Dave Beggs(Hook/Bellboy Recordings)
March 26th Jay McCourt, DJ Phobik (Fresh Entertainment)

DJ's interested in playing the show, or for feedback Email...


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Logical Choice

Special guests tonight for a back 2 back throwdown..

Aaron Koh & N1R {thevoids.com}

alongside myself...

All the fun one could ask for on a Tuesday evening, startin' at 6pmEST on twelveinch.com