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Logical Progression/twelveinch.com

Discussion in 'Internet Radio Shows & Podcasts' started by DJ JayMcC, Nov 20, 2001.

  1. DJ JayMcC

    DJ JayMcC TRIBE Member

    We do it again tonight (that's Tuesday), live inside the Electric Orange, on King Street in Toronto...
    Lot's of tasty progressive goodness, from 6-8pm on www.twelveinch.com ..
    Check it out [​IMG]
  2. DJ JayMcC

    DJ JayMcC TRIBE Member

    A very special treat tonight...Nov. 27th
    Tune in from 6-8pm, or if you miss out on the live broadcast, check the archives...
    Yours truly from 6-7 and special guest from Good To Go productions,resident housemeister Trevor James from 7-8pm...
    Don't miss it, all happenin' on
  3. DJ JayMcC

    DJ JayMcC TRIBE Member

    The logical progression continues tonight as we are honoured to have one of Toronto's hottest Progressive DJ's in the studio to drop one hour of his signature stylins for the web listening audience...
    Coming to you live from the Twelveinch Global Studios inside Electric Orange between the hours of 6 and 8pm EST. Matt Coleridge will be gracin' the decks. Don't miss it..

    Archives are always up the next day, just in case you do miss out on the live broadcast..
  4. bucky

    bucky TRIBE Member

    Perfect way to end the work day!!!

    about to get yelled at for loud music

    but who cares!!!! [​IMG]
  5. DJ JayMcC

    DJ JayMcC TRIBE Member

    Never got to post tonights show b4 the live airing, but I will let you know that the archived session will be up tommorrow, and features a wicked, wicked set from Toronto Local Adam Westcott...take my word for it, his set was banging, and well worth a listen...

  6. DJ JayMcC

    DJ JayMcC TRIBE Member

    Tonight..We present another installment of Logical progression, but, with a twist...
    All budding production enthusiasts don't want to miss the first half hour as local Drum n Bass Producer.. Trevor Marshall aka Junkmusic.net stops by the studio to give away copies of his new release entitled "Moto" and talk a little about his production process and offer advice on techniques, gear and other related yabber... Also at 7pm Local Progressive Jock Richard Raiban will be droppin' by to lay down some of his signature stylin's as we get ready for a jam packed show...Don't miss it...after all we're givin' away some free CD's [​IMG] 6-8pm Tuesday night on


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