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Logical Progression*Tuesdays 6-8pm


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We're back on air, after about a months hiatus, in the newly located twelveinch studios.
Get your recommended daily intake of funky fresh upfront progressive muzak..
Live Tuesdays 6-8pm, archives up the next day. Check the twelveinch forum for weekly tracklistings....
It makes sense to choon in.



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I can feel it calling in the Air tonight

Thanks for the Props Mr. Kip Fur...
Tonight we get ready for another stormer..
We got some crazy tracks for your aural pleasure..
Check the twelveinch forum for Track Listings.
The fun begins at 6pm, on your source for all your electronic music needs..

Twelveinch Radio

Upcoming Guests include..

Dave Beggs (Hook Recordings) - Scotland


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Dave Beggs- Alien Beats Giveaway tonite.

It's Tuesday and that means another yummy edition of the Logical Progression show on twelveinch.com. On tonights show we have 4 copies of Dave Beggs, Alien Beats CD to give away. We'll be airing part of the mix live tonight on the show, so be sure to tune in.

For those who don't know, Dave Beggs hails from Edinburgh, Scotland and is resident DJ at Area 51, Scotlands top deep tribal progressive house night, which has played host to the likes of James Holden (Silver Planet) and Chris Cowie(Hook/Bellboy records). Dave recently released the track "Structured" on Hook Recordings to much rave reviews. To learn more about this guy tune in tonight or check the archives, which'll be up tommorrow. Check the Twelveinch Forums section for the official playlist from the Area 51 CD and the other lovely tracks I'll be hammerin' tonite.

Logical Progression-Tuesday 6-8pm
w/ Jay McCourt
Twelveinch Radio
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One Inch Punch Sessions

That's right ladies and gentlemen....the DJ's of the One Inch Punch crew will be stopping by the studio over the next few weeks, to give ya'll a sneek peek at the kind of choons you'd be likely to hear if you were to attend one of their bumpin' events in Toronto, Canada. First up....

Aaron K

A regular visitor to the Logical Progression show...Aaron gets set to lay down the law, once again, with his diverse musical selections. Hot off the heels of a killer performance at One Inch Punches monthly at NASA...get set for an exclusive mix from this solid DJ. You won't even see it comin'.

alongside yours truly , Jay McCourt.

Fun starts at 6pm EST, 11pm GMT


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July 2nd/2002

warning!!! warning!!!
Tuning in to this show during periods of extreme heat, may cause one to sweat profusely....We get set to heat things up again (not that anyone needs any help today) on the Logical Progression show.
New bits from Tony Thomas, Kluster and Phil Kieron to name a few....
So sit back, turn on the AC or grab somethin' cold and enjoy the choons.
Tuesday 6-8pm on twelveinch.com
Check the sites forum for full track listings...


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July 9th/2002

Server problems have kept us off air the past few weeks...the problems have been rectified, and we're ready to get our groove back on. So tune in, and don't miss out on some mouthwatering progressive goodness...part of a well balanced diet...

Logical Progression
Tuesday 6-8pm EST 11-1am GMT
twelveinch radio