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Logic + Sports = NO

Discussion in 'Sports' started by kuba, May 14, 2010.

  1. kuba

    kuba TRIBE Member

    No logic in sports lately.

    Dallas wins 50 again, can't do shit.
    Toronto needs to compete vs the Bulls to make it, no.
    Canucks go to Chi-town, win game 5, have all the momentum? Nada.
    Bruins go up 3-0 - doesn't mean SHIT.
    Montreal beats the #1 and #2 teams in a row. WTF.

    I could go on but this year of any year, I've stopped predicting what the fuck is going on in sports.
  2. Musical Rush

    Musical Rush TRIBE Member

    Leave the predicting to me, then bet the opposite. You'll be driving in a Lamborghini next week.
  3. Zorro

    Zorro TRIBE Member

    There is no such thing as momentum when it comes to hockey in the playoffs.
    Most coaches have stated so much, John Toretella (sp?) most out spoken about this point.

    Plus that series was only a series after game 1.

    Dallas and how many other and how many other west conf. teams won 50? lol.

    Just nit picking on a beautiful friday.
  4. SJN

    SJN TRIBE Member

    not to nitpick, but pittsburgh was actually the #4 seed

    the most logic-defying thing in pro sports is why the NHL plays games for 6 months to eliminate only half the teams and then start fresh.
  5. Aerius Zension

    Aerius Zension TRIBE Member

    Halak is insane. I take back what I said.

    A good season does not a championship make.
  6. Bernnie Federko

    Bernnie Federko TRIBE Member

    Hey, I'd like to know what the factors are on the algorithm UBS used to predict South Africa's got the highest likelihood to make it out of their World Cup grouping.

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