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local invasion


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Did anyone go (of course someone did, just who)? I wanted to, but was too tired. How was this "new" venue? and the dj's of course probably kicked ass! We are spoiled with awesome talent in tdot and surrounding area.. Full support from me .



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It has been a hectic past couple days so I'm going to jot down a few words:

First of all I would like to send a massive shout out to Carlos from ACS (you did an incredible job bro, the lights/sound/and visuals were one of the best I've seen in years) you are a definite mainstay for our events, Kathy from Sparkles...what more can I say but a million thanks....you too will be a mainstay for our events, supporting crew because without you guys this party wouldn't have happened, I would also like to say thanks to partiers who came and showed support, all the DJ's who played incredible sets and being professional about everything. An extra hug goes out to Lyphe (thanks for everything bro, you are truly a mentor in our minds and we hope everything works out for you and your crew, good luck on your next event "Electric Eden" which I'm sure is going to do very well, we will definitely be in attendance), Beaker for being the professional that you are, Jason - what more can we say except thanks bro, Subsonic Chronic - what a set man - even we had to go out to the dance floor and give you an encore, St. Pete for being our friend and giving us the guidance and help that we badly needed leading up to our event (one word to describe your set "HARD"), Chiclet - your set was amazing as well - just wish there were more heads there to bop to your set. All in all a special shout out to everyone that was there to witness the launch of 416 Productions in the T.O. scene, even though the attendance wasn't what we expected but not to worry because this event gave us the learning experience that we badly needed which will only make our events in the future that much more better. To everyone that was in attendance, remember to hold on to your tickets stubs because it will save you 1/2 price on our next event which the planning is already in the works......this much we can say, it will throw a suprise in peoples minds.

Also a special shout out from the bottom of my heart to my partners Eugene and Rob, what a hectic past couple of days it has been, we should be proud of ourselves in what we've accomplished seeing that the idea of throwing events originated from a conversation while being bored to death in a coffee shop. Thanks brutahs without you guys there would not be 416 Prods.

See you all at our next event.


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It was a great effort on the part of you guys. I think a more central location would have definitely helped with the turnout.

Thanks for throwing the party and good luck with your next one

Also, thanks to Kid Epic for offering to spin


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A bunch of my friends were planning on going but decided not to when they figured out where it was.

Next time, think "location, location, location".