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Local Graffiti

Adam Duke

TRIBE Member
I'm looking for local graffiti artists for some work, preferably with online portfolios...anybody know any? Time is of the essence!

The Kid

TRIBE Member
what do you need done and what are you willing to pay? i can refer but want to make sure it's a good fit... feel free to pm.


Adam Duke

TRIBE Member
as per usual in film land, things have changed and now there is no graffiti - but next time I will ask The Kid......


TRIBE Member
Phresha LeVandale www.deviantethics.com
She was Toronto-based but she's out in BC now. One of the dopest graf artists to grace the alleys of Toronto. A lot of her work can be found all around the city.

Or you could get in touch with Janna from Style in Progress. She knows everyone. Check out her website: www.styleinprogress.ca

Good luck!
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