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Live-Stream from July 14th by Trevor Wilkes [Techno, House, Electro]


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Live Streamed and Recorded by Trevor Wilkes on July 14, 2014 via Mixlr.com/isoprax

Surprise stream because why not.

As an aside on the topic of quality. Again, I'm aware of the digital bleeping throughout. I've now figured out where it's coming from (Soundforge!). Unfortunately after listening to the wav file and not hearing the glitch I assumed things were good and deleted the wav. When I open up the mp3 and heard it I was.... irritated to say the least. At least now I know where it comes from and can solve with a re-install. Sorry! last mix with too much Bleep ;)

01 - Neil Landstrumm "Pussy Puppy" Tresor 170
02 - Alexi Delano "My Busted Sh-101" Spectral 115
03 - Blue Hour "Solace" Blue Hour 001
04 - De Sluwe Vos "The Bullet" 4 Lux 1402
05 - Blue Hour "Flow State" Blue Hour 001
06 - John Swing "Madman Groove" Relative 012
07 - Point G "Too Va Oo" Point G 004
08 - The House Crew "Keep The Fire Burning" PNT 29
09 - The Dexorcist "Demolition" Fdb 25
10 - Keito Sano "People Are Changing" Mr Saturday Night 10
11 - Sugar Experiment Station "Atomgrad" Scandinavia 03
12 - Scott Robinson "You're The Victim" Fun in the Murky 01
13 - Norman "?" Feinwerk 08
14 - Hot City "Headwork" High Point Low Life 31
15 - Ben Pest "Jumpadelic" Bonus Round04
16 - Paul Birken "Howler" Candala Rising 03
17 - Edmx "I'm Rushing My Tits Off" Power Vacuum 02
18 - Gesloten Cirkel "Zombiemaschnine Acid" Murder Capital
19 - Tinfoil "B2" Tinfoil 01
20 - Ctrls "Charge" Token 44
21 - Jay Denham "Track One" Sonic Mind 15
22 - Psychic Warfarr "Sweat Shop" Salvery 2000
23 - Bintus "Cylinder-Bop" Ppower Vacuum 07

|July 14th Live-Stream by Trevor Wilkes

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