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live on $14 per day?


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is that possible?

thats after rent, food, phone, cable, student loans, metropass etc.

$14 per day. that doesn't sound like much. how bout others on shit ass budgets? its all about the plastic?
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after food? it's easy, i'd say.

and if you don't spend more than 20 dollars during the week, that leaves you with plenty of drinking money for the weekend. or you could stay in and buy 5 records instead.

TaCk OnE?

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that's no problem at all after you've paid off all your other shit.

buy drinks at the beer store for cheaper, or make your own wine at one of those wine places, just chill more often, rent movies, and when you do go out you'll have cash to spend.

my budget of 0 is a little more condeming.


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$14 a day......that's easy...... I wish I had that much.
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I know I spend more than that...but only b/c I spend so much money on fast food.

$14 sans fast food...perfectly reasonable.