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Live Messenger + Skype = bye Skype


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I lasted about a week using Skype on my desktop and smartphone as the replacement for Messenger.... holy shitballs

Skype iOS app
requires separate login then standard Skype login so all existing apps don't support Live logins right off the bat. (All-in-one IM apps, Beejive, Adium, byebye)

It has ads, and it fucking pops out of the header randomly shifting your whole contact list down last minute making you sext your mom instead of your SO.

If you use multi point logins, and have a conversation on your desktop in MSN Skype... 30 mins later i was getting the whole conversation on my iPhone as a new conversation...

Some mornings I would wake up and only my real Skype contacts appeared online. Had to shut it down and restart so my Messenger contacts would show..

The Skype desktop app is a shitty replacement if you want to use it for IM'ing.. its all catered to voice actions by default with option to change defaults...


iMessage and GoogleTalk only now .. RIP Messenger
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The only people I actively chat with on MSN are in the office (or former colleagues). Do people still use MSN outside an office setting these days?


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Lol same and I still connect to it daily to my zero online contact list (except when stir-fry logs in)


Atleast it still works properly!


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I haven't touched Messenger in ages. Used Trillian for a time back then. It's all about SMS or gtalk for me.

And for in-office...we don't use anything currently. Email is the current method. When we get there, I'd like to get MS Lync in play, but that's a ways off yet.
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We actually are using messenger for our internal communication. They're saying that were going to go with ms Lync but I think that MSN will stop working before they can get it rolled out.