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Live and Well

Discussion in 'Techno Room' started by Arthur Oskan, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. Arthur Oskan

    Arthur Oskan TRIBE Member

    hey all,

    here in lovely Nice, France and loving it all: just got in from a night in cannes: jeeeeezussss: incredible: its like the world arrives there all at the same time: had the most incredible 10 euro salad: chopped eggs, bacon, dandelion and goat cheese: Torontos culinary community NEEDS some serious lessons in creativity;

    many more stories to follow: pretty drunk, tired, and TANNED!

    jen::: im going to call your bro tommorow: give em a heads up if you can: eric+jen::thanks again for the festivities: really pulled my head apprt for the trip: god 11hour flight total:

    dam french keyboards have the collon key in place of the period:


  2. erk

    erk TRIBE Member

    Sometimes those European keyboards make it hell to find that damned @ symbol.
    Glad to hear you're having a great time. Look forward to the tales.
  3. Arthur Oskan

    Arthur Oskan TRIBE Member

    thanks: ive sent some photos to j in the last couple of days with no reply: my guess is she dumped my ass for some benny del toro lookalike: her loss: im coming back a tanned hottie:

    it is a different life here: eat; drink, swim nude, eat, drink Pantis, the islands are incredible: like nothing i have ever seen before: plenty of photos

    200 today alone!


    Jes nes se pas

    i have learned ::::and quite well,

    jes vou heinekin;
    jes vou sorte du pantalon

    its gotten me loads a fun in cannes

    au revior

  4. JGirlP

    JGirlP TRIBE Member

    ah you know I sent a reply baby cakes. I'm so glad you're having an awesome time. I'll hook up with Eric and Jen sometime this week and show them the shots.

    Have fun mon cherie.

    If you find a Benny look-a-like, bring him back in your suitcase with you.
    But if not, he'll be arriving in Toronto for the film fest, the same day as you

    Je t'aime mon amour

    a la prochaine...



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