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little square dot - some of your bits ain't nice [glitch hop, dnb, dubstep, etc.]

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by docta seuss, May 19, 2010.

  1. docta seuss

    docta seuss TRIBE Member


    from glitch hop to dnb, to trip hop, to dubstep.. obviously some of these bits ain't nice. :cool:

    some of your bits ain't nice
    [right-click, save as]

    Mochipet - Godzilla New Year D

    Mochipet - Godzilla New Year A

    Beats Antique feat. Fanfara Kalashnikov - Oriental Uno

    Opiuo - Forensic Lick

    Klone - Hydra

    Wankers United - Superf-nky

    Quade - Neon Raver Genome

    Mimosa - Pandora

    Breakage - Old Skool Ting

    Spor - Kingdom

    Muffler - Dirrrty

    Leon Switch - After Life VIP

    Bad Company - Bullet Time [Spor remix]

    Breakage - Digiboy Radio

    Spor - Halogen

    Eskamon - Fine Objects

    Siriusmo - Wow [Modeselektor edit]

    Tipper - Tip Hop

    Noisia - Alpha Centauri

    Noisia - Square Feet

    Portishead - A tribute to Monk and Canatella

    Portishead - Sheared Box

    Free the Robots - Listen to the Future

    Tipper - Primordial Soup

    Tipper - The Red

    edIT - Certified Air Raid Material

    16 Bit - Chainsaw Calligraphy [PropaTingz crunk massacre mix]

    Search & Destroy - Candyfloss [Loefah remix]

    El B feat. ITA - Think Ur Greezy

    Headhunter - Drop the Waste

    Liquid Stranger - Full Metal Jacket

    Egyptrixx - Hexagon Ya
  2. dj.nick.c

    dj.nick.c TRIBE Member

    Nice one Seuss! tons of crazy shit in here, I love how eclectic these mixes are. Seamless mixing!
  3. docta seuss

    docta seuss TRIBE Member

    thanks homie.

    yeah, I typically put a tonne of planning into these mixes, but with this one I just started randomly playing tracks that I felt like playing, and somehow it all worked out.
  4. [- FuNKtiOn -]

    [- FuNKtiOn -] TRIBE Member

    haven't gotten a chance to actually listen to this yet, but the name alone is awesome.
  5. docta seuss

    docta seuss TRIBE Member

    ^^haha.. lovin' that you got the reference. nobody I've asked has ever heard of the video.

    I actually just found a Scottish company that sells the dvd, so I picked-up a copy for sampling. unfortunately, not only did it cost $50, but it's only 10 minutes long, and it's clearly a crappy rip of a VHS tape.

    ah well, still wonderful to have in the sampling repertoire. :cool:
  6. [- FuNKtiOn -]

    [- FuNKtiOn -] TRIBE Member

    okay its official.
    this mix is stellar! big ups!
  7. pr.incest

    pr.incest TRIBE Member


    And am enjoying... This mix comes rather close to being totally {or nearly-totally} MY sort of [taste and sound and type of (audio) thing]... So of course my thumbs are erect {smile}. Also really enjoyed particularly the Drum&Bass and Hip Hop sections/selections. Cause while I'm neither a D&B nor a HH 'Head' — when I like D&B and/or HH I like LIKE it. Specially when it's good 'shit.' Like in here. Nice selection of sounds, nice flow. Proper, proper things.
  8. docta seuss

    docta seuss TRIBE Member

    thanks guys. :)

    (be on the look-out for exiled truth vol. 2.. technics1200:Dtechnics1200)

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