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little square dot - in the light of exiled truth [eccentric dubstep]

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by docta seuss, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. docta seuss

    docta seuss TRIBE Member


    little square dot presents 'in the light of exiled truth', an eclectic mix showcasing layer upon layer upon layer of the very best in experimental, atmospheric, and straight-up bangin' dubstep.

    this one's loaded. =)

    square-ish dottiness
    [right click, save as]

    Airhead and James Blake - Pembroke

    Airhead and James Blake - James Blake - Lock In The Lion

    Kryptic Minds - Something To Nothing

    Ben Verse - inhale

    Phaeleh - Numb

    F - Night Dive

    Shackleton - Tin Foil Sky

    Phaeleh - Isolate

    Martyn feat. Spaceape - Is This Insanity (Ben Klock mix)

    Peverelist - Infinity Is Now

    Wankers United - SolidaWanker In A Nazi Trukkk

    Headhunter - Sex At The Prom

    F and Headhunter - Dedale

    Funk Ethics - Blues Is Now

    Gatekeeper - Hades

    XI - Light

    RSD feat. Wilks - Firewall

    Vent - Evolution

    XI - Dreaming

    Scuba - Reverse

    Kryptic Minds - Three Views Of A Secret

    James Blake - Buzzard And Kestrel

    James Blake - Give A Man A Rod

    XI - Trinary

    Instramental - Leave It All Behind

    Ramadanman and Appleblim - Justify (Will Saul and Mike Monday remix)

    Red Snapper - Moving Mountain (Scuba remix)

    Ashburner - Cured

    Ben Verse - Flip The Coin

    Matty G - Turf Wars

    Emalkay - Solid State

    Bassobese - Long Ago

    Dom & Hz - Don't Stop

    D-Ranged - Check Please

    Flux Pavillion - R00R

    Noisia - Machine Gun - (16bit remix)

    James Blake - The Bells Sketch

    Untold - Stop What You're Doing (James Blake remix)

    Flash - Right Here

    Kryptic Minds - Stepping Stone

    Hektagon - Tokyo

    Subscape - Artificial Dreamer
  2. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    downloading !

    p.s. i got me a sweet rug burn injury on my elbow from the other night at Nunich's when we decided to mock UFC it up in her room and wreck shit :)

    fun times

  3. docta seuss

    docta seuss TRIBE Member

    my sincere apologies to all who downloaded last night.. I inadvertantly uploaded a test render that has an entire channel disabled.

    I'm uploading the finished version as we speak.
  4. docta seuss

    docta seuss TRIBE Member

    hahaha.. we was hardcore wrasslin'. highlight of the night.
    my neck was a tad sore from that quasi-guillotine you had me in.. I almost had to tap, but you started to loosen-up just as I was starting to see stars.

    that pic of me choking you is amazingly wicked-awesome.

    be sure to re-download this mix mon frère. I cant believe I was so knobbish as to upload the wrong version..

    now there are a whole whack o' incomplete test renders out there, which really suckles nadsticles because I was even more meticulous than usual with this one, all the edits and layers took FOREVER to make, and the whole purpose of the test render is to ensure that there are no hiccups with the final one. GAH!!!
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2010
  5. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member


    redownloading, hadnt even listened to it yet, i had not tainted mine ears.

  6. dj.nick.c

    dj.nick.c TRIBE Member

    yes guy!

    this is probably your best effort yet. so much going on here but never gets to be too much.

    my mind was blown when you played it the other night. you have an exceptional ear.

    can't wait to listen again.

    lsd ftw!
  7. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    very solid mix man, love it.

    its interesting hearing things that you have only worked on yourself and are not colabs :)

    me richy :D

  8. docta seuss

    docta seuss TRIBE Member


    yeah, I think most of the stylistic differences are simply as a result of the 'tales' series being more banger-oriented.. I'm all about that stuff, but I have an enormous soft spot for the chill, funky, and quirky aussi.

    I figured this was as good a time as any to bust some of it out; take a short break from the WAWAWAHN WAHNWAWAHN WAHN WAHN. =)
  9. pr.incest

    pr.incest TRIBE Member

    Wanted to say this sooner but.

    Was offline since yesterday and was super stranded till Master Jai came by and set my world to Rights again (so he is MOSTLY FORGIVEN for all those post-UFC broken bedroom branches) anyway: Great mix, totally quite enjoy and quite even love, might be my favourite of yours so far. Verily I say unto you: Nice. Even listened to it twice in a row... Like especially the smooth mixing flow, the obvious Care-Put-Into and most of all the nice range and seamless layerings of textured Lotusy goodness, dubstep and glitch.

    Fine sir! &Very:
    Thanks for this.
  10. docta seuss

    docta seuss TRIBE Member

    a pleasure to serve. =)
  11. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    nice, glad i could help you out and save you from being d/c'd from the world.


    and agreed its a solid solid Mix.

  12. docta seuss

    docta seuss TRIBE Member

    My girlfriend was playing this mix in her car last night when she picked me up from work, and much to my dismay I noticed that the sound quality was really quite off at points.

    Upon investigating I found an enormous error in the final render that wreaked havoc on the quality of certain tracks.

    All has been fixed and sounds infinitely better, at least to any audiophiles in the crowd, so if anyone who has downloaded the mix plans on ever re-listening to it, please re-download so you can hear it how it's meant to be heard.

    Sorry guys.. I messed-up a wee bit with this one.
  13. ozone

    ozone TRIBE Member

    thanks ill check out the new version

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