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Lisa Shaw live @ Una Mas


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I was really hesitant to drag my ass out after a long hectic night last night at System.....BUT.... considering Lisa Shaw has been one of the few garage house vocalists that I can't get enough of...I decided to make the trip out to Una Mas for the first time.

The lineup was insane. Stood outside for a good 45 mins because they had reached "capacity" (actually i think they were quite over it, but regardless)...

Pushed my way through the crazy crowd...mad frustrated....but found the people i was meeting soon enough...only to have one of my fave tracks come on right then....Alive.

Instantly everything was better, I had a huge smile on my face and danced my ass off.

The music was soo good. At points they even busted out some breakbeat garage...which was jokes watching all the ginos that spilled over from Helium try to figure out how to dance to it.

The crowd was kind of a joke, but the music made up for it.

I can't say enough about Lisa Shaw. I had the chance to talk to her for a bit afterwards and not only is she an amazing performer, she seems like a great person on top of it.

Had to retire kind of early...I was tired and things got a little too latiny for my liking....but overall had a really great time.

SUCH a good weekend.



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all the ginos? actually, i'm pretty sure those people are regulars there ... you're probably the one that was out of place.


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It was my first time there, but according to my friends who ARE regulars there and in the garage scene in general were all complaining at the mass amounts of ginos that were there. They said it was quite unlike the typical crowd they were used to.

I just took their word for it.