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Liquid Adrenaline's "Boogie Fever 3"


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Wow....I think Liquid Adrenaline has redeemed itself on my books seeing as this party turned out exceptionally well. As compared to other previous LA events, this party was pretty different.
Being at the Docks, I thought that for sure LA would over pack this, & having attended 5 previous LA parties I know that LA usually attracts large crowds. Although tickets were being sold at the door, the size of the crowd was just perfect. Even though lots of people were walking around, there were still a lot of space to dance and bust it up on the dance floor.

Got at the party around 11, wikkid line up get in..waited maybe 5 minutes tops. No waiting in the cold at all.

From what I saw at the party, a lot of people were having a good time. The crowd ha a real good vibe almost the whole time, going crazy everytime a wikkid song was dropped or when an mc hypes them up. Jungle room was banging, you'd see lotsa lighters pop up in the air every now and then; and the House room was banging as well (at least from what I saw the hour or so that I spent in there).

As for the dj sets that I caught...

Diligence/Ruckus w/ MC Friendlyman & Trajedy - rinsin' out a nice hard 4 hour set. Lotsa fresh new tunes...and of course some dance floor smashers. Friendlyman ripping up the mic as usual and Trajedy never ceasing to surprise me with his awesome flow and lyrics. This up & comer will surely be a name to remember in the near future.

Freaky Flow w/ Flipside - a better than the usual Freaky Flow set that we've heard and been accustomed before. Had the crowd going nuts...wikkid crowd vibes and noise! Dropped "Bunn the Sensi" which had the floor tearin!!!

Mickey Finn w/ MC Navigator - not really a big fan of Mickey myself but he definitely spun a good set IMO. Navigator I was pretty disappointed with. I've heard quite a few a sets with him where he's brucked out a bit more. Wikkid intro...Nuttah dubplate. Dropped some really really hard dubs. Crowd went ballistic with Bad Ass. I've never heard some of the tracks before...somewhere within the flavour of Aphrodite/Mickey Finn or Darren Jay production maybe. It was so funny though when Navigator would call for a rewind...maybe 3 or 4 times Finn ignored him and didn't pull it back. I guess Mickey ain't much of a rewind junkie. Navigator had to pull "31 Seconds" back himself 'cuz Mickey wouldn't. Geez...somethin' that MC's should never do is touch a frigin' turntable. Hehe..

Josh Da Funky 1 - Got bored with Mickey Finn & Navi so I venture out in the House room. I'm not really a Houser myself though I really enjoyed this guy's set. Had the crowd going wild on their feet the whole time. Wikkid scratcher as well....a lot of recognizable tunes dropped. I'm happy with his CD giveawayz.

Mystical Influence w/ L Natural - oh gosh! Hard pumpin' set by the man!! Never disappoints. Flawless mixing. Mostly dark stuff which was good. His very last track was so fuckin' rough. I thought it was a remix of J Majik's "The Lizard" since they sounded so much alike, but it's actually his own remix of a track from the US on the dub. Wow!!! Again..another MC touchin' the decks. L Natural pulled up the last track himself 'cuz Mystical wouldn't. Haha!

Over all...what a wikkid jam! As long as Liquid Adrenaline keeps their parties flowing like this one...all of them should be hype with minimal complaints from the picky ones. This is probably the best Liquid A party I have been to. Big up Liquid George and the rest of the crew!!



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What a good party!
I met a ton of people, and had an amazing time. Props to the Liquid Crew.
I love the Docks, and the music last night was wicked! The alchey was a nice touch as well.



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Well, I wasn't exactly in the partying mood. It would have been a phat party if I was in the mood. I stayed in the house room most of the time and I went nuts when I heard a Bob Sinclair track (can't remember the name?). I got really pissed off when some guy smacked me really hard in the face with his fist. I looked at him with one of those *give me an apology faces* and he gave me a dirty look. Well I gave him the wtf bastard look and that was that. Oh well, It was a good party, and I was expectin it to be packed but there was always room in the far left corner to dance. One question, why the hell did they block off the back right corner in the house room early in the night?? I need room Dammit!!



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I dont know, it was my first liquid party (which is due too the reputation that they already had) so in all honesty i went into this party expecting the worst. but too my surprise it was a well put together party... all thugs and personal experiences aside it was done really well....

mickey finn spun a good set, navigator and his "rewind" did get a lil annoying *shrugs*

freaky flow and flipside just arent my cup of tea .... but the spun all right i guess

big league chu in the morning spun one of the dopest sets i have seen him spin too date, every time i see colin he seems too amaze me. played a very good set, just the breaks taht i needed too get my body moving @ 6 in the morning

all around it was a good party, put together good with good music.....

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Mystical Influence

Runner up pimps

Ruckus, Diligence, Trajady, and Friendly
Freaky Flow + Flipside
Mickey Finn

Mystical threw down an amazing set. his mixes were clean and always proper. no unnessesary rewinds and just tons of big fu<kin tunes. Messiah was definitely a good idea to drop on us. <--- not the best tune he played but a definite a point of extreme pleasure for us.

The empire squad was reppin for sure. Tune apon tune. Got the crowd roarin early.

F.F. palyed some choice tunes but mixing could have been cleaner. Props for playin "Wake up"rmx, and T.R.O.Y. as the last track, WhAT!!

Also vibe was nice, peeps were everywhere, not too hot, and I even got to hear the "GO" remix twice, WORD!!!

kiD Sean