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Liquid A


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Originally posted by ecstasy riot:
dublate of "there's something out there"
What the hell?? Why would he drop that as his last track?
I'd be pissed. When a DJ comes from the UK, I expect atleast semi-new stuff.

that 420 guy

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i wasn't planning on attending this party until naomi called me earlier in the day. hey, guestlist works for me *thanks will*. this was my first 'big party' since connected with sneak and green velvet. funny how i found myself back at the exhibition for my next large event.

this was also my first time at the better living centre. for large events, this venue has more than enough space and washroom facilities to create a safe environment.

because of the size of the venue, 5000 people doesn't seem like that big of a crowd. it was considerably colder the further away from the stages you were standing, especially by the walls. at least it wasn't so packed that you couldn't dance.

the soundsystem was nothing too spectacular. if you wanted to hear the music properly, then you had to be directly in the front of the speakers. otherwise, you'd hear the echo of the music bounce off the back walls and empty areas of the better living centre giving you that half second delay. that delay made it sound like the dj was mixing off beat because it takes a little longer for the sound to bounce off the wall and reach your ears. combine that with the overlap from the jungle room, and you've got a very confused dancer....i couldn't tell if the beat i was listening to was from the jungle room or the house room. so when i did dance hard, i was in front of the speakers where the sound was clear and loud *grin*

i was super stoked to groove my ass off to nicky blackmarket. the last time i heard him spin was years ago at delerium, and he kicked my ass. needless to say, he wrecked shop at liquid. his tracks were slammin despite some mixing problems and the vibe was off the hook. blackmarket got people groovin, pumpin their fists, and dancing their asses off. i was gettin my groove on at the front of the stage and lovin every minute of it...i had to drag my ass away to catch the last half of bad boy bill's set.

i was fortunate enough to hear doom's night as soon as i entered the house room...i never realized how popular this track is until i heard it again later in the evening. i enjoyed bill's set, but after coming from the jungle room, the crowd was not as energetic in the house room. nice hard tracks by bad boy bill, but nothing spectacular...kinda like the lighting system.

as for the floor dweller, yes they were out in full force. and maybe its cause one in four people in this world are of asian decent, but man white folk were the minority at this jam. us asians are takin over. and yes, they constituted a large number of the floor dwelling population as well.

as you can see, i was fortunate enough to get my camera in there. just make sure you have extra batteries, or give your batteries to someone else. 'look, my camera doesn't work cause i ain't got no batteries'. more liquid pix here

it was great meeting smiley jo and jePh, as well as seeing futronic and jai jai. great partying with ya will, meghin, and mike...and naomi, grrrl you got it goin on and you know this man!

that 420 guy jePh and moose

overall, i enjoyed this party. what started out as smart drink booths so many years ago has turned into a full scale production company. nice work guys. you know how to throw parties. keep up the good work. big parties are refreshing once in a while *grin*

the unmistakable toronto skyline

- that big party guy


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Hey kids... once again, as always, I had the most stellar time.
I don't think I know how to have a bad one.
You go to groove... and you let loose and have a good time... create your own vibe as far as I'm concerned.

Hatiras - damn near made me explode. What a ride.
BBB - sorry man - but YUCK! Way too techno'y for me. Had to go sit and chill, smoke and chat. No flow.
Mystik & Goldfinger - SICK man. You capped off the night with such sweet chaos. Reeling again, thought I was done - sweet! - making me forget BBB ever dropped a track.
Thank god.
You took me all the way til the lights came on...

LOVE you LA... always have - always will.
Thanks Pete.. George..


Futronic! ARGH... was so cold on the right side... BRRrrrr... Altho' I was there 'til about 1:30... OH yeah - and as most girls do... I changed my mind and was wearing blue pants instead. So no dead giveaway with the orange.
As for looking for you... couldn't figure it out. Lots of blue threads!

.... until next time.

A night to remember... just the way I like it.

ecstasy riot

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Originally posted by Stormshadow:
What the hell?? Why would he drop that as his last track?
I'd be pissed. When a DJ comes from the UK, I expect atleast semi-new stuff.
i thought it was wikkid to close the set esp cos i hadnt heard that mix of it before.
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Originally posted by Raspberry:
Futronic! ARGH... was so cold on the right side... BRRrrrr... Altho' I was there 'til about 1:30... OH yeah - and as most girls do... I changed my mind and was wearing blue pants instead. So no dead giveaway with the orange.
As for looking for you... couldn't figure it out. Lots of blue threads!

.... until next time.
Ummmm, I wasn't cold at all. Mind you, I was bustin' it out large styles all night, so that may be why.

Next time just post a pic of yourself so I know who I'm looking for.

And yea yea Norm, looks like I'm gonna have to stash batteries in my shoes or in my drawers next time, cuz the camera situation was fucking ridiculous.

-- Jay aka Fut


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ok.....My review will be in a bit later on tonight becoz i'm goin over to my freind Jerry Barnes house to go spin a few rekkids. so Peace out for now!

Junglist 4 Life,

p.s my review is a good one , but there were some bad things about this party.


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Ok well I said that I'd be here later on to post my review so here I am.........
First off I got to the party at about 11:00 first thing me and my 2 other friends did was look for tha lineup. Considering I like Jungle it wasn't on until 2 which totally pissed me off becoz I had to listen to bunk ass house and techno and hhc (no offence to you ppl who do like it) then at about 1:30 the party started to warm up with slipmatt spinnin some classic old skool hardcore witch then truned into some old skool that I rarely hear at parties, got the crowed pumped like hell, then Oh my god next up to tha decks Nicky Blackmarket. Dude honestly I don't think i've seen the crowed more hyped at a party than syrous 7 yr. Man did he ever rip up the decks except for tha fact that it kept skippin , nicky was throwin down all kinds of genres of jungle. the thing that bugged me the most (in a good way) was that he was about to lay down that new top cat rekkid but didn't WHAT A TEASE. Yea i know his mixing was kinda sloppy but hey nicky was havin a good time drinkin a few beers talkin wit some peeps like any other partier, total respect goes out to tha blackmarket. and another thing no caddy cad during a nicky set PLEASE! Easyrush and ever fresh lacking the mixing skills didn't get me goin, capital j and spinz not the best set i've ever heard considering JAY likes to blast his bass when he spins , and you people know that the bass was drowning out the rest of the tunes. Drip and asterix spun the best local set of the night what a way to end the night. Props to the friendly man who always busts out tha best lyrical rhymes.
Vibe: Must say that the vibe at this party WAS SICK AS HELL and the heat at this party made it so much more INTENSE. one of the best vibes i've felt in awhile. lots of thugs asuall.
Me: I was the one who was wearing the black hat with the black Ecko t-shirt with the white ecko logo on the front. also blue jeans and white shoes with my white towel in my back pocket. i was the one bustin moves at the right side of the jungle stage.

anyways a long review , but enuff said all in all a much better party than the LA party i went *cough rain *cough

peace and jungle 4 eva


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Oh yea and 1 more thing. When Nicky Spun that original nuttah/Bambatta/Chopper mix I think the crowd went pretty much clinically INSANE! COZ I SURE AS HELL DID!



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Well, Liquid A’s Back 2 Back marked my return to the T-dot’s “party” scene after a very long hiatus of ordinary clubbing and smoking too much weed. I’ve heard so many poz reviews of plus-size raves on Tribe’s message board that I’d missed, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with something like B2B. Mind you, based on the venue/lineup/promo this was FAR from the kinda thing I’d normally peep out, so I wasn’t TOO disappointed by this party, in which my reaction is an across-the-board shrug.
Hardly any lineup outside – a welcome surprise as it was COLD out this muffucka. Securitron wasn’t too invasive (you could see them pacing back and forth like caged tigers just looking for a sucker to start some ish) but the 5-0 in the pissers tweaked me out a little.
Got there at around 11:30 and the sound levels just weren’t correct. I also never like the idea of a happycore/jungle room ... the dn’beez didn’t start ‘til 2:00 in the a.m,. so I was forced to choose between crappy hardcore and trancy house, none of which got my temporarily sober ass in gear. They could’ve created a third room somewhere ... stranger things have happened.
So I wander into the jungle room a bit after 2, ask the least-sketchy looking guy who’s on the decks. He just points and says, “look!” Spotting the chubby little wanker behind the tables, I realize this awful sound is none other than Nicky Blackmicky.
I *suppose* he had some decent selections but (from my vantage point at least) the sound was ARSE. Only the extremes of the sound spectrum showed up: ultra-grumbly bass and tinny hi-hats. It was like listening to an eighth dub of an old mixtape thru broken headphones.
Bad Boy was at 3 or 4 (I forget). Um, I’m not the biggest fan but I guess he served up some juicy beatz and showed his skills by playing with diverse rhythms. Didn’t get me going much though ... or too many other heads for that matter. Honestly Toronto, where dem ravers at??!! I saw nothing but DJ-jocking scenesuckers and thugs (who drop an E and stop being assholes for about 2 hours), all these toss-clots clad with that ubiquitous Ecko logo. Boring! There was lots of room (in the house area) but seeing anyone DANCE was an anomaly. I felt almost obligated to bust a rusty move just to entertain these hapless, short-circuited sketchpockets.
Whatever ... things picked up later when Cap J and Spinz did a sick set (the levels were much better by now); the selection, the crossfader action, the scratching, and the emceeing just *worked.* Big up yaself. By 5:00, when it had cleared out a little and the true party kids came out to play, Jesse/Johan did a lovely grooving set with elements of Latin and tribal percussion. Mystik Mike/Goldfinger also had an awesome set – definitely brung back some of the room’s rather sparse energeticals. I promised myself to check these cats out at their residencies, they were swiggity-sweet. Overall, pretty dull party, but it reminded me how much I’ve been neglecting the scene, which I know has potential for hypeness. Peace.

P.S. I found a vial of clear fluid on the dancefloor. Any junior chemists out there wanna take a look at it for me?
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Vial of clear fluid huh..

Well probably G.. But then again, it could be anything. I say feed it to the pigeons and see what happens.