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Liquid A


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when i get my sleep done i am going to kill someone, i hated this party so fuckin much!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
after sleep i am going to right a full report!


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I went by the party at like 11:30, it looked pretty barren

I hope George and the boys are ok

Astroboy out...


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i missed slippy

maybe someone should bring him back one more time at least even tho its very expensive and frolic made out he wouldnt do it

*hint hint*
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OK i thought this party rocked it had lots of room wasnt hot and those 2 hugh gorillas were awsome. The dj's kicked ass. The was a vibe for those who made it. Not alot of thugs although there were some. The line up was fast security was nice and professional so for people who just like to complain about all the little things please stay home you wont have fun unless you want to. Not to say your complaints arnt valid cause im sure most are its just sickning to hear all these negativities instaed of positve attrobutes. Liquid Adrenaline is an awsome company who throws some of the hupest parties ever not to say this was the best party for everyone. For all those who had a poor time i feel for ya.

I'm sure there were people who had a shitty night aswell as some who had an amzing night.

Respect to LA


oh this isnt my nick discjock i just forgot me email address for my other one duh :p


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OK I thought this party rocked it had lots of room wasn't hot and those 2 Hugh gorillas were awesome. The dj's kicked ass. The was a vibe for those who made it. Not a lot of thugs although there were some. The line up was fast security was nice and professional so for people who just like to complain about all the little things please stay home you wont have fun unless you want to. Not to say your complaints aren't valid cause I'm sure most are its just sickening to hear all these negative instead of positive attributes. Liquid Adrenaline is an awesome company who throws some of the hyppest parties ever not to say this was the best party for everyone. For all those who had a poor time I feel for ya.

I'm sure there were people who had a shitty night as well as some who had an amazing night.

Respect to LA


oh this isn't my nick discjock I just forgot me e-mail address for my other one duh :p

Forgot th check my errors and typos grrr sorry


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This L.A. party turned out ok for me. Though quite a few ups and downs.

Venue: BLC, CNE - wikkid venue for a party. But why did Liquid Adrenaline pick this place for their party? I think they should've used the whole BLC, instead of barricading like I dunno, half of the building. I think this party could've went just as smooth if it was @ the Docks. I guess I was expecting somethin' huge..but oh wellz.

Sound system was ok, but I didn't think it was loud enough though. But it got the music across crisp and clear so no complaints there. As for the lighting, what a joke! The House/Trance/Techno arena had like what, maybe 10 lighting effects? And I don't even wanna bother with the Jungle/Happycore arena. Friggin' strobe lites!

I thought there was gonna be 3 rooms for this party? Even though it was ok to merge the similar genres together and end up with 2 rooms, LA crew should've at least spread out the dj's a bit better. I mean come on!!! Happy Hardcore from 9pm - 2am then Jungle from 2am - 7am? I think it would've been better if it was mixed up, but that's just my opinion.

The crowd was pretty decent, no troubles. At one point, the vibe in the jungle room was so intense, everyone was just so into it!

And as for the sets that I caught?

D-Minus & Viper - I thought this was a pretty good set. A few anthems thrown down mixed in with some trance core and the likes. No mc though? Ah wellz.

Slipmatt - Wikkid wikkid oldskool set!!! Got the crowd nuts. Near the end of his set, he started spinning oldskool jungle to welcome in Nicky B.

Nicky Blackmarket - awesome blend of ragga and newskewl chunes.

Bad Boy Bill - though not that big of a house fan my self, I thought his set was just decent. Made the crowd move...

Big up MC's Caddy Cad, Tragedy, Friendlyman, & JD for raising the vibes!


Klubmasta Will

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i had a BLAST last night! it was a textbook big party for me ... right down to having an apartment-full of dirty sleeping ppl the next morning.

the crowd was excellent, especially in the jungle room. the room went absolutely mental for nicky blackmarket. and again for capital j and spinz.

this was the most fun i have ever had at a liquid adrenaline party, due in no small part to the people i chilled with all night.
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feisty boy

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i have to say - worst party i've been to. not an exagerration.

for a start - could they have skimped on the production anymore?
walking into the main room and seeing 10 lights above the stage.
and the jungle room had even fewer, and they were all at eye level pointing towards the crowd.

and THUGS. there were more thugs than ravers! gangs of ten at a time.

I've waited a year and a half to see Nicky, and yes, the jungle crowd was hype, but i couldn't hear the damn songs. there was NOTHING but bass -
i struggled to recognize songs that i know, because i couldn't hear anything but muffled noise until the bassline ripped in.

much respect to the jungle crew, and a few happy ravers, but i felt the whole place was filled with people who don't rave, basically just standing around taking up space. no vibe, no vibe.

i don't think it's usually fair to place blame on the promoters, but the lack of effort was apparent in this one, and i think it rubbed off on the crowd.
i've ranted enough.

i'm glad some of you had a good time.


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Ola ola ... I was looking forward to this party from the day I bought my ticket for a couple reasons: first, another chance to see Hatiras after he kicked my ass at Time Warp V; secondly, I had some first-time partiers/first-time Liquid partiers in my crew that night.

I got there around 9:30, way early for the party, but after the lineup last time around, we wanted to make sure we had a full night of partying ahead of us. Surprisingly, even though the lineup was fairly long that early, it only took about 20-25 mins to get in (and no bouncers asking for $10 to get line bypass). Once getting to the front, two things happened to piss me off. First of all, why the fuck can't you give me a ticket stub already? It's called ripping the ticket in half, and giving me the bottom. I know that sounds petty, but it's nice to have. THEN, when I get to the guy that's searching me, he tells me that I have to either throw my camera out or throw the battery out. After pleading with the guy, he still wouldn't let me take my bloody camera in - all this after being reassured SEVERAL times by the Liquid people that cameras were allowed at the party, AND while seeing hundreds of other people bring their cameras in right beside me. Note to Liquid: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE talk to your security and make sure they know what's allowed/not allowed at the party. You pay them, they should be listening to that.

Once inside, there was the $3.50 coat check and $4 water charges that we've become accustom to. $3.50 for coat check? Pfft ... I don't wanna know how much they raked in on that. And if you're gonna sell pizza, try to sell something from this week ... it looked all dry and hard. Ewww.

I did a walk-around just to check out both rooms and see the setup - the house/techno/trance room was huge (the main room), and there was no way in hell it was getting filled. It was kinda nice that half the area was able to be used for chillout, because then you don't end up kicking people while you're dancing. The lighting wasn't very extensive in either room, but it did the trick. One word of advice for the main room though ... it was VERY annoying to have the lights right at eye level and rotating when it was on that cycle. And strobe-action right on that same level? Didn't they learn anything from what happened last week at ATM? I knew the jungle room was gonna be too small for the amount of people that were gonna show up for Nicky Blackmarket et al, and sure enough, if you tried to get in there around that time, you hit a heatwave and had one hell of a time weaving your way through. I didn't even bother, mostly cuz everything I wanted to see was in main.

Twitch & Satori - Decent set guys. You did the warm-up-the-crowd-job well. Nothing too pounding, but enough to get the feet moving.

Phantasm & Carlos V / OS/2 & Frank Phenomenon - Some nice beats, good ole trance styles. Really got me groovin' out there and set me up for what was to come.

Paranoid Jack & Steve Venom - I was told by Matlock that this was the first time these guys had gone at it on 4 decks, and they didn't disappoint! Excellent track selection and excellent mixing to boot! They had the front right speaker massive kickin' it large styles right off the bat! Was that a remix of "Oh Yeah" by Yello that they played, or the original? regardless of that fact, it was good to hear that classic dropped
. Later in the night they threw out copies of Steve Venom's CD into the crowd - I was lucky enough to catch one. Score! Thanks Steve!

Hatiras - This is definately the man that I came to see. The set of the night in my opinion! Yes, Bad Boy Bill was the "headliner", but personally I think Hatiras gets a crowd moving much better that BBB. He did NOT disappoint in the least! Build it up, tear it down, blow the roof off the place! One slammin' track after another, he had me jumpin' and bustin' it up large styles! My only complaint is that he didn't play a longer set.
... One funny thing that happened when Hatiras was on: a couple young girls were standing there and saying "Is that him? Is that him?" I had to turn around and tell them that NO, it was NOT Bad Boy Bill, it was Hatiras, and that BBB was on later. They're like "Oh, that sucks, I'm leaving." Oh ye lil' ones that don't know any better. Ah well, their loss. Hatiras proved to me once again why he's becoming my favourite DJ. Mebbe he should start playing some local venues regularly so we can see him more often?
Right at the end of his set, they came on and "did something a little different." Hatiras layed down a track and there was a guy playing live guitar and a girl name Valentina (I think?) providing the vocals. It was alright, but not really the way to end a set in my opinion.

Bad Boy Bill - After hearing him the last couple of times (at which I was extremely disappointed), I didn't know what to expect from BBB. I knew he was gonna have to put something fierce together after the ass-kicking that Hatiras just threw down. About five minutes before he was about to go on, the dancefloor was just rammed - especially at the front. It was pretty hard to dance, but I made room. Some new tracks that I hadn't heard before, some classics, and some traditional BBB tracks that he plays all the time. He also showed off some nice beat-juggling action about halfway through his set - very, very nice, the crowd was goin' nuts for it
. And I REALLY liked the accapella that he layered over Spaced Invader ... absolutely sick!. My only complaint is that BBB jacked the levels a little too high. Too much bass killed some of the tracks he was throwin' down. All in all, he ended up throwing down the best set that I've seen him play, but still nothing in comparison to Hatiras.

Jesse & Johan - The crowd thinned out quickly after BBB finished his set, and there were no complaints from me! I had some room to move now, and J&J layed the smackdown on my candy-ass! Kept the slammin' tracks goin', pumpin' the fists in the air ... it was all good

Mystik Mike & Goldfinger - Probably the only set I really didn't like on the night. They played 2 or 3 tracks that were played earlier in the evening (ok, ok, so Spaced Invader was played by everybody and their brother, but it really kicks ass), and I just didn't get the vibe from their set.

I had a *fabulous* time last night with the exception of the little camera incident, and it was great to see Joanna, Norm, and Naomi there. I know that Will, E-riot, and True-Blue were there too, but I didn't venture into the jungle room enough to say hello. Props to the front-right-speaker massive - we were kickin' it all night long, bustin' out tha large styles! It was great partying with yas. Speaking front right @ 1am, where were YOU Raspberry?

To the people I showed up with, Ashley, Brad, Matt, Em, Nai, et all, it was a great night, and to all the people I met, Krystal (cute wings!
), Natasha, Ashley, Matt, Neil, and everyone that I'm drawing a blank on, it was fun partying with you, and I'll see you next time out.

The perfect end to the night? Mmmm breakfast at my house! Homemade french toast with warm maple syrup! Yay!

See you all next time around!

Rating: 8/10

-- Jay aka Fut


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this party fucking sucked!

why only 2 rooms? no jungle until 2am . if they rented out the BLC u might as well use it , fucking coulda been a lot better, very very unorganized. almost all the sets with the exception of Cap J and Spinz SUCKED!

Nicky Blackmarket played a horrible set, his track selection was good but he fucked up soo many of his mixes it just sounded like shit! than caddy cad has to try and cover it up saying it's the needles.....well the needles don't make ur tunes off-beat retard!

so basically it sucked and LA's gotta get more organized....

peace, dozer


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this LA review is just like every other LA party

You either loved it or hated it

Im glad this one went off OK though
I was somewhat concerned about a few things

How many ppl were there??


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What are you people talking about?!?!?!

Last night's party at the BLC was great! For once (since the BreakDown party at the roller rinks) the line up moved fast, and there were no problems of overcrowding/dehydration. Man, if it's not one thing it's the other - holy shit are we ever fucking spoiled in toronto!

Sure, the sound bled between the two rooms - but hey that usually happens at these venues - be it automotive building, or international centre. I personally prefer the bigger venues where you can actually dance rather than having peoples' armpits/shoulders shoved into your faces.

I personally enjoyed Nicky's set - but i admit i'm not the jungle connoisseur. Hatiras threw down as usual, he's getting better and better each time I hear him. Jesse and Johan threw down a slamming set following Bad Boy Bill's usual (not really my cup of tea) - keep up with the tribal house, J & J - you guys know where it's at.

Mystic Mike and Goldfinger ended the night with their usual crowd hyping styles. Special HONORARY mentions go out to my good friend Andrew (PHANTASM) and his partner Carlo V. That was one sweet set, boys. Glad i was able to catch it.

Keep up the solid work, Liquid Adrenaline. 6000 ppl at the BLC - i think that's no easy feat. From smart bar to Better Living Centre, i would say that's pretty extraordinary.
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I must say.... overall a good party....
few things that should have been done differently..
like didn't thay say 3 rooms on the flyer??
i noticed like a huge area behind the house stage that they could have put the jungle room into....
And there were too many thugz... i broke up like 2 fights that broke out beside me (it's the army/securtiy guard training kicking in)......
Nicky Blackmarket threw up a hype set.. I couldnt stop dancing.. but he needs to giv us a break... after dancing allmost non-stop for his entire 2 hour set (which alsoe impressed me) my legs felt like jello and i had to sit down...
Now.. the souns setup wasn't bad..... at times all i heard was gargled bass.. now as a junglist i love the bass... but now when it's all crackled and i cant hear anything else.... one last point.... to the security... i know you're doing your job.. but you need to open them doors a little bit... at times it got real hot and stuffy in the jungle room

now to the highlights... I liked the way they had all the happy hardcore first when i was still arriving..... as some may have noticed... i chilled in the bathroom by the jungle room waiting for jungle ( big guy, hat with a moose on it... you know ya say me/talked to me)........ i also liked how slipmatt started spinnin the old skool to bring in nicky.....
and i ventured over to hear some of Bad Boy Bill's set... impressive.... well, i was actually going for a freezie... and i noticed alot of first time partiers..... i say Welcome... you're in for good time

And in final... again... i was not dissapointed by the abundance of hotties
i like it.
anyways.. just got home... it's 4:30 pm on sunday and i need sleep...

lates all...
And anyone going to One Sound next weekend... find the big tall guy with the baby blue moose on his hat.. that be me.... come say hi.... no worries.. i won't kill ya or nuttin...


PHAT E...... out


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why did it suck ass you might ask?, sound at beginning was crap, lineup was all over the place and the times were screwed up,security was running a scam by the side door where the guy took 30 bucks and then let people in,only 2 rooms and i thought there was going tobe 3, also i for some reason i thought there was a 19+ area and then i was pissed off b/c there wasnt one, the washroom problem pissed me off when that guy cracked his head open on the floor and man was there blood and the party can get there asses in court b/c security saw he had a back problem and dragged him out by his arms, the guy could have died,stuff got stolen from coat check, two of my friends "not one, but two" and on top of that i had tobe at a course i am taking at 10 the next morning, ohhh ya and also the shuttle busses skipped out for 2 hours and i know this b/c i was the guy sitting out there freezing my ass off!

Nebu kad

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Why did they book such a huge venue? I knew that they would never fill it, so how could they not know/predict?

Booty Bits

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well maybe Liquid was just scared of everyone bitching about overcrowding which happened at so many of their past events.


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Originally posted by Booty Bits:
well maybe Liquid was just scared of everyone bitching about overcrowding which happened at so many of their past events.

I would agree with that statement.

Its too bad there arent very many venues for to fit the size of a LA party. Not as big as Lifeforce, yet bigger then an ATM.

They are in the middle and im guessing its hard for them to find suitable venues.

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ecstasy riot

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well i had such a blast that i havent had sleep yet and this was a sweet bday present to me

i came in as slipmatt had just started cos of the lovely no lineup

slipmatt played the tunes! i was shaking my whole body to his mixes
prodigy some krome & time, orca's 4am which is one of my faves ever, that song that goes.."dancing and losing control... maybe ratpack?" i love it too, been listening to it for so long too, plus so much more.

nicky blackmarket is well my fave DJ still altho after last nite, well um..so one question..how did he forget how to mix?.. but played the one song i wanted to hear, which i would love for someone to tell me then name it goes with a dirty ragga beat with kinda deeper girl vocals.." ..at least hes not a doctor.." or something with doctor. and his last song holy shit his dublate of "there's something out there" HOLY FUK!! this is the best mix ive ever heard it was soo cool with a more swing beat to it, kinda like some of the new DJ slip stuff.

well i heard easy rush and left cos i was super tired from my bday festivites but i had an amzing time. 17.50$ my ticket cost me and 4$ for water...i think for that venue and just for te 3 acts i saw i think that was pretty good. and it got packed in the jungle room later on..



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Originally posted by Libradragon:
holy shit are we ever fucking spoiled in toronto!

Kate and I have been saying that for "like three centuries".

What's the review on the floordwellers? Alot? None? A Few?

What about the "sketchpads"?

Do Tell,


Smiley Jo

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Well, for some reason I had kept this party in the back of my mind as possible plans for Saturday night, and boy am I glad I did!

When I heard our tickets were bought, I started to get party butterflies, and I remembered how much fun I had at my first Liquid party in August.

Although this didn’t quite reach the height that Time Warp 5 did, I had a great time, the battles were top notch, and the house music was bumpin’! (Say what? House music all night long.)

Props to the LA crew for a smoothly run entrance, the line up went fast, and security was friendly. What was up with that water line though? Insane!

When we arrived there was trance being played at the main stage, which I was less than thrilled about, but was fully aware I would have to put up with it. This was followed by a spectacular house set by Carlos and Phantasm. They completely helped me get my feet movin’. We were then treated to another hour of...more trance? This was my big puzzle of the evening! Why would you stick in another trance set after you had completely hyped the house music massive? It was really annoying, cuz we had to stop dancing and go find something else to do. (No offense to the trance DJ’s, it’s just not my thang!)

Next up was Steve Venom and Paranoid Jack, head to head, techno style. Now I’m anything but a techno expert, but they laid out that bangin’ shit pretty well as far as I know.

How excited was I when Hatiras stepped up though? SO excited! He was the man I had come to see, and he proved himself worth it in no time flat. Every track was hype, with the craziest builds, and slammin’ bass lines. He didn’t let up once, it was out of control! He is an amazing house producer, and really knows how to work a crowd, yet all during his set, everyone was asking “Who is this?” Geez people!

Of course EVERYONE knew the follow up to Hatiras’ (rather short) set, none other than Bad Boy Bill. Now I had been all ready to just stand around and pout during his set (cuz he’s so BBB, yick) but I was pleasantly surprised. He had me dancin’ most of the time, even though parts of his set sounded exactly the same as his latest CD. Hmmm… I have to admit though, he really won me over by dropping that new Daft Punk track at the end of his set! I was so hoping to hear that one!

I was also pretty impressed with the two sets that followed, being Jesse and Johan, who played with a much harder edge than the last time I saw them, and Mystic Mike vs. Goldfinger. They added to all the housey goodness that was making my evening so memorable.

One last comment though, just a small thing; why is it that DJ’s insist on using the same tracks that have already been played? Is there no way of checking this out before hand, or maybe listening? I mean twice is okay, but after hearing “Spaced Invaders” and “Azido Da Bass” for the fourth time that night, I began to get a wee bit ticked.

Regardless, I had a pretty good time, and none of the DJ’s disappointed. It was nice to reunite my party crew too.

Thanks to Liquid for a fun night!



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First off- did anyone feel a cold chill durring the night? was that from the big empty spaces or the cooling system?? i was freezing all night that the only spaces i could dance without sneezing was under the heat vents that were located either behind the hhc decks or right by the trip booth.

slipmatt was about the only DJ that i liked. wicked- loved that old Skewl jungle
keep bringing him back.
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