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lion king or mamma mia


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anybody know where i can get tickets for this weekend? ticketmaster is sold out.

please and thank you. :)
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Yo :

I just dropped the gang off last weekend to Lion King.
Tons of scalpers outside. That may be your only option for this show since they are moving on.

I think Mama Mia is sticking around for another 4 or 5 months.
Mirvish.com will take care of that for you.

I hate to promote scalpers , but if you waited this long , this could be your only option.

All things considered , from what I hear , its probably worth the money.

Merry Xmas !

Temper Tantrum

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go there and find out where to get tickets.

there are VERY few lion king tickets left. you won't be able to get two sitting together, i think ticket king is the only place left to get them. However having seen both shows, i would HIGHLY recommend LK over mamma mia.

--> going to see lion king with AdamAnt on Dec 17th! Woot!

TO TIX doesn't sell mirvish productions

you are literally a slave to ticketking, their own vending thingy

or scalpers

i know it's not part of your list, but i bet it'd be easier to get producers tickets

mamma mia sucks right now anyway.
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