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linux live CDs


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So my MacBook is dying. I think it's the HD controller, so I need to figure out if this is a repairable item or something I can replace or whether its cost effective to just get a new one. everything works though, it just won't boot from the HD. The HD itself was okay, so I'm fairly certain it's something on the MB.

In the meantime I've been using a Tails CD to get online. Its handy but not really suited to regular use.

Any suggestions for a Linux that be live CD booted?

(I had been able to get Yosemite to boot from a USB but that failed one day for a reason I don't know, thus the Linux fallback.)
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I had generally okay experience using a combination of Tails USB and Ubuntu USB. The big pain in the neck was remembering of the limitations of the max RAM on the machine. Firefox on Ubuntu was very unstable however. Actually because of that I got turned off Ubuntu completely.
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