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Linux help needed


Staff member
They tell me I should get the new messageboard server in a week.

Can one of you TBK Linux experts help me install and configure a proper Apache/pHp/mySQL installation on the box before I ship it out to our service provider? I need the php configured with the Zlib compression module enabled.

Send me an email please if you can help.


TRIBE Member
Swamper or Miguel.. where are you :D

If they haven't seen this... I will msg them on iRC when I get home.

pr0nstar :D


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depending on which distribution of linux you're using (ie RedHat, Debian, Mandrake, etc.) there should be packages available with this specific software. most likely all you'll have to do is install the packages and perhaps tweak a couple of configuration files.

each of the distributions have detailed web sites. also check www.linuxdoc.org for HOWTOs and help, as well as www.linux.com, www.linux.org, and www.linxugazette.com for other help/articles.

i'd offer to come down and help, but i'm stuck in London. :(