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Lingerie Party @ Skybar


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Two words describe the scene at Skybar last night: incredible tightness.

The music was upbeat [house, disco-house, retro], the lingerie show was phenomenal, the highlight of which was a slumber party scene and oooooooooohhhh the women. 360 degrees of tightness. I have never seen the Skybar that packed with hot people before, and we even had a chance to give a big ups to ex Orlando magic baller Dennis Scott who is in town for Caribana and Daniel Nestor as he was exiting the premises after an easy doubles win in the afternoon.
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Originally posted by seeker
pics, please. ;)

unfortunately, the only pics taken by me were mental.

every thursday night for the rest of the summer skybar is having a fashion show. if you like beautiful people, house music, lingerie shows and the skybar, u will have a fun time!


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I didn't know this was going on...how interesting! I bet it ranked up there with the party at the strip joint. :D

Les, you crazy bastard you....I'll PM you later today