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lingerie/bedroom themed shower gift ideas


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Hey girls,

I'm going to a lingerie/bedroom themed shower this weekend and am looking for a cool place to buy the gift as well as ideas on what to get the bride-to-be.

Everybody will be going to La Senza and La Vie so I kind of want to stay away from those kinds of places.

We're looking to spend around $100 on a nice piece (a couple of us are going in on the gift) and we're going to include some "novelty" items as well (keeping in mind that a Martha Stewart-esque Aunt is hosting the shower).

Please help!!! I know nothing about lingerie.
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OK, I have a bedroom themed idea that has nothing to do with clothing.

buy this book: 52 Invitations to Great Sex (by Laura Corn)


She will not be disappointed, trust me.


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There is a nice store called Avec Plaisir - they have locations in Yorkville and on the Danforth. They carry higher end brands.


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You can always buy a course related to sex-education... I think that'd be original and fun. I know of a good website that provides those, I just have to search for it.
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I can teach that for free - cuz apparently 90% of all Toronto strippers are Romanians, so I must generalize myself in this category. lol

Seriously though, these classes are TONS of fun.