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limelight wednesdayz & the breaks den @ tonic


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I checked out both bars last night.

I started my night out at limelight.
Arrived around 11:30 to hear bumpin breaks.

Limelight wednesday are always rocking. Granted, they dont have the same numbers as when craig (out of hand) was runnin tings with all the 3 floors going but there's a solid core of devoted limelight breakbeat fans who hit that bar every wednesday and even though I dont attend weekly, I can always find an old friendly face or two inside... always!!! I love that about the place.

cover and drinks prices are reasonable.
And once that damn patio opens.. omg.. I will be in heaven.
I Cant wait for that myself!!!

Around 12:45am my friends and I all left to check out tonic.
why tonic? cuz Steve invited me...

Originally posted by stretchandhooker
Maybe you should stop by and check out the night sometime.
keepin is straight ,


the den is larger than I imagined...
some flyer dude outside limelight (last week) said it was tiny.
He must of been smoking some bad pot,
cuz it wasnt as small as he mentioned... it is, but it isnt.
Luckly it wasnt too full inside....I blame that on exam-time.
Inside the den, it was very nice and well light.
the breaks were also bumpin.
I even got a free drink from the bar staff
and some props also on my dJing.
respects mike (tanaz's bf) .... thankyou for that.
I love hearing people say they wish I was booked more locally.
But that's not really up to me.
I only checked out the other room @ tonic when I had to pee..
I heard some style of house music...
although I couldnt tell you who was djing.
cover @ tonic was $10 but the 7 Ladies I was with ,
all got in for free.... so no complaints.

As to which one is better? who cares..
I think each break night offered a different atmosphere.
And if your looking for something to do this summer
you should atleast experience both vibes...

if you've never been to a breaks night?
whatcha waiting for??


*if house is a feeling.. then breaks will be your orgasim*
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Uncle Bobby

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Arrived @ Limelight to catch part of a wikkid set by DJ Magnum, had drinks. Got to tonic in time to catch most of kick's set (which by the way, was kickin). Drank. Tried to aviod McFly all night. haha. Drank. Saddler and D-maniac threw down a solid program. Drank. tried to blend in with gino's. Had drinks. Got drinks and watched those two on the couch make out for a while. drank. Turned down more than one indecent proposal from twist. BTW>did you ever find your keys? I think I saw them stuck in that guy on the couch's wedgie. Drank. Met PB...I'm not sure if that was a good or a bad thing. JK, nice to meet U. Drank. fought off Robb G's 'wandering' hands on the ride home. got home, smoked.



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Those girls were with me UB, I could set you up if you like.
However, I think KICK would have a better chance than you.
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Breaks at Tonic were okay. Not too pumpin' but I was in such a good mood that it was a great time.
I like DJ Kick. I give her major respect.

The other room was shit. Repetitive, boring and played-out.

Big League Chu

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Exams must have been over because most people were dancing instead of hangin' by the bar. Nice crowd last night more of a summer bust out feeling to them, then at about 1:50 till 2:30 the b-boys came out to play and set up a nice breakin' circle. You now I see these guys week in and week out at Limelight but this was the first time I seen their moves. Good night, nice to see all new faces bustin' out.

Attention: to the breakers when your starting the circle move back a bit. you're skipping the tables with your floor moves.

Peace to next week...
Big League Chu


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Tonic was great last night, good music and atmosphere. I didn't really like the other room though.

I stayed until 3:00am... I was too tired.


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i wish i could've cheked both places out on wednesday. especially limelight...i'm in withdrawal. dumb work! :D i have next thursday booked off just in time for the pre-patio party! woohoo!

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dj kick


dj kink ;)


jason n' crew


mofo and cutie


nice pants