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Limelight wednesdays


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yeah its back

i think its opening in two weeks... or one week.. not sure

hip hop + jungle on the patio
breaks on the 3rd floor

8$ cover i think

just like last summer


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well u should come out tonight!!! it will be TONS of fun! celebrating the one like chris desjardins' bday! :D no patio however, but the fun crazy drunken times are always there!


Big League Chu

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It never stopped.
It's been going right through the winter.

Third floor is looking nice with breaks and the Patio will be open on May 15th.

Come out and Celebrate Lil' Chris' (4theloveofthebreaks) birthday this week with special guests and hosts.

MisDirXion & Uncle Bobby
Funk N Style & Willar X
Meric & Phat Trick
Dave Saddler & Big League Chu

Your hosts for the night:
Natasha, Mikey, Switch, PJ, Chucky, Dawn from Hamilton, Trevor and Todd from the BACKBREAKERS, and the Birthday Boy himself.
Look out Chris, long night ahead.
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hahaha turbo has really done a turn around... before the bouncers would look at you evilly when you walked past on your way to system..now they like beg me to come in! haha


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Originally posted by air-bag
if you want cheap beers come to turbo on fridays

u bitch! we're talking about limelight here! :D get ur shameless promotions elsewhere! :D does turbo have a patio????



Uncle Bobby

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$2.50 B4 12, and I think $3.50 after, or something like that. By that time I'm usually on to the double rye & Gingers.