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Limelight May 1st -Lil' Chris' B-Day Bash

Big League Chu

TRIBE Member
Come out and Celebrate Lil' Chris' (4theloveofthebreaks) birthday this week with special guests and hosts.

MisDirXion & Uncle Bobby
Funk N Style & Willar X
Meric & Phat Trick
Dave Saddler & Big League Chu
Thank you all for agreeing to play.

Your hosts for the night:
Natasha, Mikey, Switch, PJ, Chucky, Dawn from Hamilton, Trevor and Todd from the BACKBREAKERS, and the Birthday Boy himself.
Look out Chris, long night ahead.


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Hope to see everyone come out to celebrate the roomies Bday

I will be there with my party shoes on
hostess with the mostess

See you all soon


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can't wait for this night to happen, lil chris is now becoming big chris. I'm so proud our little boy is growing up.
hope to see everyone out so they can wish chris a happy birthday in person.

cheap drinks as always, as well as some wicked people to hang out with. see everyone there.


Willar X

TRIBE Member
wOOp it's time to get hammered!

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are you sure you don't want me to buy ya drinks?
See everyone there, if anyone wants a Peppa Crew Cd i'll a have a few with me tonight.

Neil :)


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^^^^I got one of those!! Just about to go listen to it now...Thanks hun!
Donnie> LOVE the hair! (we already had a discussion about the EYES!)
Chris> hope u had a rockin bday! U better of brought my banner home! .....or else!
Overall a GREAT nite!