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limelight-april 30(chris' bday party)


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wow! i had to post a review for tonight becuz i had such an amazing time! :) what a great night, definitly lots of ppl. out, can't wait for the summer patio sessions! :D Wikkid sets by all.......especially phat trick & meric! u guys rocked it tonight! fast, funky breakz, just what i love :)

anyways, again happy birthday chris, hope u had a good one. nice job by the hosts :)

*jen*- oye....soooooooo drunk!
okay yea this thread totally does blow. but yea, i was hammered. :D yea, the date was also may.1, not april 30. :D

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This just in.... *Smoking weed affects the memory*

Other than that.
Happy b-day Chris.
Fun nite.
good for me for reasons that dont matter.
Nice to see old faces out too.

Originally posted by Uncle Bobby
I couldn't believe how drunk I got last night!! Oh the puking!!

I Can..............

3/4 of a 26er of Canadian Club Reserve + A plethora of "put it on my tab" drinks at Limelight = Projectile Vomiting by 1am in the Limelight sink.

Besides Bobby's Bathroom Blowout the evening was awesome. Happy Birthday again Mr. Dejardins and props to the Dawndalon for the sign .................. good work. Wicked sets by all the dj's .......... turning the Lion into a breaks head slowly but surely as the Wednesdays go by. All in all another great Limelight experience and of course looking forward to May 15th for the grand opening of the patio.