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Lime Light Wednesday's??

Barrie Breaker

TRIBE Member
Actually, this isn't Barrie Breaker. It's Barrie Breaker's best bud.
Any hoo...Can anyone tell me what slime light is like on wed now?? I haven't been since the summer when the patio was open and I'm thinking about going this evening (reading week...WOO HOO!). Is Chu still resident? Is there even breaks??
If anyone could help me out here it would be greatly appreciated.


Uncle Bobby

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J-Red is right along with Switch and Green Olive with Big League Chu and Daave Saddler. $10 all night long and ladies free b4 11:30.

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Smiley Jo

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Jo, Jonny, and Joey!

Originally posted by joey
you can always come to hamilton to see him jo

Then I could see you too, huh? ;)
Holy, it would be a "J" crew!!! :D
I'll have to get there sometime soon!



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So i made my return to the slime last nite....

remembered why i stopped going....

having a hangover at work the next day SUCKS:(

i feel like ass

but it was fun

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