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lifeforce idance after party


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VIBES! VIBES! VIBES! i havent encountered a vibe like that in years...literally! walked in at about midnight to have mystical and sniper working back to back and those two were tearing it up! everyone, and i mean everyone in the place was moving, i didn't see one person standing still. at one point throughout their set i turned to lexusboy and said even if andy c wasnt here tonite, this would still be an amazing night. i seriously didn't know what i was in for.

andy c came on at about 1 i assume and he fucking tore the place down, for real. i had forgotten about how much of a tease he was, enticing the crowd with maybe 32 bars of a big tune (*cough* alien girl) only to leave you wanting more. his mixing was on point (as usual), his track selection and programming were fucking brilliant (a nice balance between dubs and tunes that have been released) and his enthusiasm and energy was contagious. no matter how hot it got in there, i couldn't stop dancing, even if i wanted to. i've said it before, and i'll say it again, it's no wonder they call him the president, that was probably one of the best sets i've heard in years!


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Another hasty summer has come and gone. And what a perfect way to end it with the iDance after party @ Turbo featuring no one better than the president Andy C! To those in attendance, you all know what went down! Turbo was crushed to the ground. And to those who missed it, just cross your fingers and hope that "the Executioner" comes back soon!

Turbo wasn't as packed as I thought it would be. Stood inline from 10:30pm to assure early entrance and watched the line up behind me escalate largely by the minute. Figures that most if not all of the junglist massive would head straight to Turbo after the rally.

Glad to see the return of drum & bass upstairs at Turbo. Definitely a better sound system than downstairs.

Unknown Souljah alongside the MC's Riddla and Trajedy warmed up the club rather nicely with a set filled with dark heavy tracks. Mystical Influence back2back with the Sniper followed up shortly hyping up the crowd for the featured attraction. Heard a few new tracks as well as some old ones that I haven't heard in a while. Closed their set with "Dubplate Pressure.". MC Caddy Cad was spitting rhymes all over throughout out their proficient set.

Up next was none other than the Executioner himself, the one like Andy C. What else to expect but smooth as glass mixes, cuts, & teasers filled with dark dancefloor rollers and brand new dubs somewhere in between. It's been a while since Andy's last appearance here in Toronto. The crowd knew what they have been missing all this time. Vibes galore throughout the president's set. Everyone just seemed to be having a jammin' time. Just feeling the rhythm and groovin' to the music, hands in the air with lighters and little smirks on their faces from time to time.

Details of Andy C's set for those who weren't there...

-Opened up with Dilly's "Take My Life Away" followed by his own "Truly One 2k1"

-The usual teasers here and there ("Alien Girl, Backlash, Go Dillinja!, Wot's My Code, Hush Hush, All Aboard, Atlantis rmx, Tear, Titan, Murder Inc <Twisted Anger rmx>" and a few others just to name a few)

-An abundant amount of dubs,remixes and vip's dropped:

*Flash back VIP, Klash VIP, Up All Night VIP, Spaced Invaders (Ed & Opt rmx), Spar Funk, Orient Express, Shake It, Mutated 2001, C4C's Soul, Body Rock, and another new tune that sounds almost identical to Body Rock.

It maybe safe to say that it was the best drum & bass set I've witnessed. I'm sure a few more if not a lot will feel the same way.

What else can one do when Andy C leaves with a great notable impression? Everyone will eagerly await his return.


ecstasy riot

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What a truly amazing night.
A celebration was had, but what happened to all the Vitamin D fans in Toronto?

All I know is, something came over me and I stayed downstairs for most of the night.

Stretch and Hooker (one of them) played a really amazing house set that left me bouncing around downstairs. Then it was VITAMIN D !!!!!!!!!

I last saw him at Love Triangle, and this time he was just so much fun. It was so funky and bouncy house. I loved it ! It was so amazing. I kept running back and forth between this and another amazing set by Andy C. But I had already seen him, and heard a lot of the tracks he dropped and so a chance to see Vitamin D definately took priority.

And altho a little dissapointed at the amount of people downstairs it was ice and breezy than the stuffy insta-headache upstairs.


dj velocity

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JP, what a review!!
imho, Andy C threw down the best drum and bass set I've ever heard.
Soooo many dubs and when the teasers hit, the place erupted every time. Pure vibes
If this is any indication of what the jungle room will be like upstairs, I can't wait for JJ Frost!

Codename Thom

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No kidding. Quite the run-down JP. Spot-on at that.

Andy C, and the vibe Mystical & Sniper built up as openers, was the perfect way to bring jungle back upstairs. Finally, mixes can be appreciated instead of drowned out entirely by messy bass. Any chance of a tape of those sets coming out?
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what she said

I wanted to hit this party in a huge way..but because I had to move my little sister into residence in Hamilton, I missed this one as well as Full Circle.

At least I made it to I dance

she better be giving me one hell of a Christmas present!



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I had a fucking blast,
Dubplate Pressure rocked me harder than it has in years.
Andy C was good stuff.

But Vitamin D was who I went to see, he dropped Billy Lo's Carjacking (I've been hyped about hearing this track out for months and after seeing it on his top 10 on his website I was really hoping to hear him drop it), a few of his own new tracks, and Living in the 80's and That Latin Track AND the That Latin Track RMX which I had never heard out yet either, I was hyped.

I left a little early but that was OK I heard the shit I wanted to hear, I love him, everytime he comes to Toronto he rocks me.

Where were the Vitamin D heads? He sucked at the Rally but made up for it downstairs.

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